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new growth of spring

Yesterday I woke up to a joyous cacophony of bird song right outside my bedroom window. As I made my way into work I couldn’t help looking around in awe and wonder at all of the trees practically glowing with healthy green leaves, new growth, and some of them alight with colorful flowers. Everywhere I looked was the very picture of lush life. The sight of it made my chest ache with gratitude and hope. It was a long, bleak, weird winter, cold and snowy as all New Hampshire winters are, but also tumultuous in other ways that are not so typical. You know what I mean.

All of that combined makes the new growth and beauty of spring especially welcome this year. 

I always heard that lightning storms and snowfall are crucial to enjoying a lush, green, spring full of hearty crops and beautiful flowers, and apparently this is true. Something to do with nitrogen in the atmosphere…I am not a farmer. But it does remind me that sometimes storms and harsh conditions provide the opportunity for new life. 

That old things can be repurposed for future profit.

In my own life I have some things that just didn’t survive the “winter”, some dreams that I had to release because they just didn’t work. What is really beautiful though is that those losses paved the way for something new, something better. Individual Fitness is one of these things that emerged after some rough storms. I feel like this past year has been one of those stormy periods. But as we are finally moving out of this phase it’s been nice to be able to assess the damage, make new plans, and I was surprised to find new growth.

Both in myself and in Individual Fitness.

The global pandemic caused us to lose some things, but we also made some gains. Added new things such as virtual classes. New processes. Made upgrades to our systems. Gained new perspectives and learned to take greater joy in small things.

I enjoy it when nature reflects life experiences.

  • Have you suffered loss?
  • What new growth have you seen?
  • What survived?
  • And what has evolved?

I would love it if you would stop by and leave a comment below letting us know what has changed for you this spring.

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I think you will be surprised at the new growth you will find possible.


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