Avoid the Fall Fallback!

August 23, 2021

We are heading into the Fall and it seems like COVID is back, and in force (not that it ever left). This is frustrating, confusing, and perhaps gives you some anxiety. I get it. I am there with you. All of this uncertainty heading into what is always one of my favorite seasons—the beginning of…

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new growth of spring

New Growth

April 12, 2021

Yesterday I woke up to a joyous cacophony of bird song right outside my bedroom window. As I made my way into work I couldn’t help looking around in awe and wonder at all of the trees practically glowing with healthy green leaves, new growth, and some of them alight with colorful flowers. Everywhere I looked was the very picture of lush life. The sight of it made my chest ache with gratitude and hope. It was a long, bleak, weird winter, cold and snowy as all New Hampshire winters are, but also tumultuous in other ways that are not so typical. You know what I mean.

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How We’re Doing – 1 Year Later

March 15, 2021

It’s rather common, for businesses like ours, to do a recap at the end of each calendar year. Typically, we share the things we’ve learned, our achievements, success stories from our customers, and what the future has in store. However, it’s been a year since COVID-19 changed us all forever. A year ago, early March…

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