Trust the Pros

August 9, 2021

When you have a leak in your sink, or your car’s transmission is shot, or if you break your leg, or need someone to build you a website, who do you turn to? More often than not, someone who is a professional in that trade or occupation, right? Someone who has the skills and abilities…

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For All of Our Doubters

August 2, 2021

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while, we get a customer who insists they can’t use what Individual Fitness offers. The reason might differ. Maybe they think it is too expensive. They might think they don’t have enough time. Maybe they are afraid to make that leap, take that commitment.  Well, we get…

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What To Do When It is Hard to Commit

July 19, 2021

As the owner of Individual Fitness, I get asked a lot of questions. Questions like: Will I be able to stay motivated?  Am I ready to commit to my health?  And then there’s the question that hit me right in my heart.  Because this…this is the question that most people need answered. It’s the question…

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Don’t Be a Statistic!

May 3, 2021

Don’t be a fitness statistic! Let IF help you actually succeed at your goals with the right plan and the right support.

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planning materials

Plan to Succeed

April 26, 2021

Planning. In my experience you either love it or you hate it. Or maybe you just love to hate it, I don’t know. One thing I do know is that it is essential in helping you succeed at a goal and do what we all want—win. Having a plan can free your mind to concentrate…

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new growth of spring

New Growth

April 12, 2021

Yesterday I woke up to a joyous cacophony of bird song right outside my bedroom window. As I made my way into work I couldn’t help looking around in awe and wonder at all of the trees practically glowing with healthy green leaves, new growth, and some of them alight with colorful flowers. Everywhere I looked was the very picture of lush life. The sight of it made my chest ache with gratitude and hope. It was a long, bleak, weird winter, cold and snowy as all New Hampshire winters are, but also tumultuous in other ways that are not so typical. You know what I mean.

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Are You Suffering From Fitigue?

March 29, 2021

I learned a new word last week…infobesity. Infobesity means: excessive quantity of daily information. Great word, right? It encompasses everything we feel about the internet. Well, lately I’ve been thinking about the big, huge, glaring problem with the fitness industry. I am talking about the gigantic problem, the one that caused me to leave Planet…

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Sunday Morning Review

January 10, 2021

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Your Vision + Our Strategy = Results

January 4, 2021

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