For All of Our Doubters


It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while, we get a customer who insists they can’t use what Individual Fitness offers. The reason might differ. Maybe they think it is too expensive. They might think they don’t have enough time. Maybe they are afraid to make that leap, take that commitment. 

Well, we get it! It can be hard to make the commitment to start something new, and maybe you have tried working out at a regular old gym and failed. That can be frustrating and discouraging. And we certainly don’t want anyone to join Individual Fitness that isn’t absolutely, totally committed to going all in.

But there is a big difference between trying to reach your fitness and weight loss goals at a gym and working to reach your health and fitness goals with Individual Fitness.

Here are some things that may help you decide whether Individual Fitness is right for you:

  • We are not a gym:

In fact, we don’t even call what we have a “gym”. We are a studio. When you come see us you meet with a personal trainer straight away and we help you determine what your goals are, and then we help map out for you the best fitness and nutrition plan for you to help you accomplish your goals. Then you get unparalleled support, encouragement, and assistance from our expert trainers every single step of the way. 

  • The support we offer you won’t find anywhere else:

At Individual Fitness we treat every person as an individual. That means that we customize fitness and nutrition recommendations for each individual. We take into consideration your unique goals, your body, your health, and your preferences when designing it, to give you the best conditions so that you can succeed, even if you have failed before. ESPECIALLY if you have failed before. 

Hopefully that helps you realize we CAN help you lose weight, revitalize your health, and get stronger so that you can enjoy a healthier, longer life. 

Ultimately, you’ve got to look at our results. Here is one of my favorite client success stories…

John asked me if I’d consider writing something as client of the month. My first thought was why me? Well, I’ve been part of the IF family now for over two years no and I’m certainly no poster child but, I have to say how I started out and where I am now, things have changed considerably. My initial motivation for joining was prompted by the orthopedic surgeon’s message that if I didn’t lose weight and strengthen my legs that I would need new knees sooner than I wanted. Today my overall health is better. I am taking less medications and I haven’t had to go back and get injections for my knees and overall pain is much less. Education in proper nutrition continues to be helpful and I have a much better understanding of achievable fitness goals than any point in my life.

Looking forward to retirement I continue to work at being in the best possible shape in order to do some of the things I only dreamed of doing. New goals, experiences and outlooks in life are possible with the help of the Individual Fitness Team. Recently I have booked a vacation for next September. A seven- day rafting / hiking trip down the Colorado River, 270 miles through the Grand Canyon lead by a Hopi Indian Archaeologist. Thanks’ IF! – Chris Flynn


There are a ton more like this, if you want to read some check them out here. 

We’ve been in business for a long time. And with good reason. We recognize what it takes to get you from sick, out of shape, and tired to energized, revitalized, and healthier so that you can enjoy a longer, more active life.

Get started today with a 30-day Jumpstart. 

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