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When you have a leak in your sink, or your car’s transmission is shot, or if you break your leg, or need someone to build you a website, who do you turn to? More often than not, someone who is a professional in that trade or occupation, right? Someone who has the skills and abilities that you need to get that job done well, and timely. A pro. Sure, you might know some about some of these things, you might even be an expert in one or more of them, but most likely not all of them. Sometimes, we all need to rely on someone else to help us with something that we cannot do ourselves.

At Individual Fitness, we believe you need the proper support and tools to accomplish your goals. Even if that goal is losing weight and getting into better physical shape. Want to know why?

Because studies show that getting help and support to meet your weight loss goals makes you two-thirds more likely to succeed, and have long term success. 

And we have TONS of success stories that prove that our approach works, and that it really helps people live lives that are healthier, more vital, and with less health problems. 

Yes, we’re fitness people. So it may seem like we’re a little biased. But we couldn’t do our jobs without knowing we’re saving our clients from future health problems, saving them precious time, energy, and money by helping them get results instead of muddling around for years on their own trying fad diets and diet pills that don’t work, giving them more energy to live life on their terms, and helping them look and feel great by sharing our expertise.

And yes, some people can have success going the DIY route, and that is great, we applaud them completely. But just like setting out to build your own bookshelf or fix your own clogged toilet; sometimes the results can be great if you have the right expertise and the problem is not too bad, and sometimes you end up with sewage flooding your yard (I MIGHT be speaking from experience here :). 

If you’re going to tow this road alone, then let us at least get you started. We suggest you:

1 – Do Your Research.

Stay away from fad diets and diet pills please. Remember that exercise and good nutrition are your best friends for sustainable, safe, weight loss.  And you’re definitely going to need some support. A close friend willing to encourage and maybe even join you in your goals.

Check out some of the delicious, healthy recipes on our website, and read our past blogs for tips on working out, setting good goals, and more. 

2 – Get in the Right Mindset.

For a lot of people, the first step is getting YOU figured out. What do you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve it? And what are you willing to sacrifice to make it happen?

3 – Set SMART goals, and make a plan.

Read more on our blog about SMART goals. 

One last thing to keep in mind…before starting anything, you should know your options. What companies provide the services you need. (And which one is best.) The pros and cons of getting help versus doing it on your own. And how much time and effort will your goal take.

We are happy to discuss all of your options with you. And helping you determine what’s best. Even if that means recommending one of our competitors to you.

Let us know when you want to connect. And leave it to the pros!

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