Are You Suffering From Fitigue?


I learned a new word last week…infobesity.

Infobesity means: excessive quantity of daily information.

Great word, right?

It encompasses everything we feel about the internet.

Well, lately I’ve been thinking about the big, huge, glaring problem with the fitness industry. I am talking about the gigantic problem, the one that caused me to leave Planet Fitness when it was obvious that it was just about to get really big, and I could see that it was, but it was going to get big without actually really helping anyone. Specifically, the prevalence of the one-size fits all approach to fitness. Which is a problem so common that I feel it deserves it’s own word.

You ready for this?

How about…Fitigue?

What Does It Mean?

Simply put, Fitigue is that feeling you get when you have tried every single gym on the planet and none of them help you budge the line on your own physical fitness because none of them actually work with YOU; your individual goals, needs, and lifestyle.

What Does Fitigue Look Like?

Did you know that most gyms have a fitness model built around people NOT showing up?

“Joining a gym is an interesting form of what behavioral economists call pre-commitment,” says Kevin Volpp, director of the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the Wharton School. Volpp says we actually like the idea of being locked into a gym contract … at first, anyway. “They’re picturing the ‘new me’ who’s actually going to go to the gym three times a week and become a physical fitness machine.” We convince ourselves that since we have committed to putting down money for a year, we will make ourselves go to the gym. And then, of course, we don’t. – NPR – Planet Money Podcast

Seriously. How sick is that? They don’t actually want to help you achieve your goals. They make more and do better if you don’t in fact. They get you locked into a long term contract early, when you are still feeling excited and optimistic, and then you are on your own to succeed, or far more often, sink.

When you have done this enough times it undoubtedly leaves you feeling…you guessed it… Fitigue.

This is Where Individual Fitness Comes In

I built Individual Fitness to be different. I built Individual Fitness to actually help people. To help people just like you to finally achieve your fitness goals by creating an individualized plan for you; taking into account your lifestyle, your fitness needs, your nutrition needs, your history—in short FOR YOU. 

If you are suffering from a case of Fitigue and are ready to experience the Individual Fitness difference, we would love to help you out.

Give us a call or get your free consult scheduled here. 

Like our new word? If you have a fun new word that you want to share with us we would love to hear it! Post it in the comments below.

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