Client of the month – Danielle Higuera


Wow! It’s an honor to be considered for Client of the Month – I definitely don’t feel like I have accomplished a major feat, I have just been making small, sustainable changes with the help of the IF team. Just a couple of years ago, I was training and doing triathlons, working out daily, eating clean, and in the best shape of my life. Then in July of 2019, I had surgery and justified eating comfort food during the healing process. I gained weight but blamed it on my medication side effects. Just when I started to feel guilty, COVID hit and I had another “justifiable” excuse to not work out. Finally, in September,

I realized that I had to change and knew I couldn’t do it alone. I reached out to IF and started working with Jim on creating a long-term plan, not just a quick fix.

The beginning was the hardest as I had to get back into the routine of making my health and fitness a priority. Work, family, and health tried to get in the way of me coming consistently. In January, I really started to take everything seriously and began to look for ways to change my nutrition that worked for me and my busy lifestyle. I needed food that was already prepared, fast to make, but healthy. I started reading nutrition labels and buying foods that were healthy but easy. I hate plain water, so started adding things like electrolytes, fruits, and veggie powder, and collagen into it to give it flavor but also increase its nutritional value. I also knew that I would never do cardio unless it was “fun.” I joined a Barre class with my friends and do that 2x a week. I also ordered an online cardio program and convinced my mom and sister to do it with me 2x a week. We reward ourselves with a hot tub session after!

When I started to be conscious of my working out and nutrition, I began to see results. I love that Jim is always encouraging and looking for little ways to help. I look better, feel healthier, get fewer migraines, feel stronger, and have more stamina to make it through the day.

He got me to start taking daily vitamins and eat protein bars. He is also not pushy when it comes to meal planning and protein shakes (I still haven’t found one I like!). We have worked together to find foods that are fast, have little to no meal prep, but are still healthy and balanced. He pushes me to go a little further every session. I leave feeling healthy but not super sore and tired.

If it wasn’t for IF, I would have joined a gym and gone once or twice before quitting. I probably would have added a fad diet in and stopped after a couple of weeks.

Having a scheduled workout time has forced me to make fitness a priority. IF has been flexible with my busy schedule and has worked with me to find days and times that work for me. I would say the program has definitely been worth it as it has encouraged small daily changes in my habits that have added up to big results. I was just in Mexico on a much-needed vacation and was still able to incorporate my new healthier lifestyle there! The IF app reminded me to work out and stretch daily. Beach yoga, walking along the sand and choosing healthier food options were easier after being a part of IF for the past several months.

I love that I found IF and have been able to change my lifestyle for the better! Thank you Jim and IF for encouraging me to not give up and showing me that small, daily changes make a lasting impact on my overall health and wellness.

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