Squirrel Much?


Do you remember that dog in the movie Up? All of the dogs in Up could talk thanks to nifty little collars on their necks, and the one happy, go-lucky and very easily distracted dog’s name was Dug. Well, if you remember, Dug would always be mid conversation with any of the characters in the movie when all of a sudden he would say “Squirrel!” and go running off to chase a squirrel.

This is me. I am Dug.

I have what might be diagnosed as ADHD, and I have a tendency to get squirreled A LOT. Can you relate? Sometimes my days look a little like this…

-Sit down to do payroll for the studio, go to look something up, and discover myself three hours later reading about the history of biplanes during World War One (really fascinating stuff actually).

-Or I will wake up at night and suddenly start thinking about a new exercise that would be amazing for Individual Fitness clients and then before I know it it’s 6am and I have been up all night long. 

-I will be talking to someone about something and realize from the blank looks on their faces that I have completely lost them in my rambling and leaps in thought (oops, makes sense to me?).

Me. ️ Me. ️ Me.

Hold on. Before you click away to something less confronting, I’m not here to scold you.

If you relate to any form of the above list maybe you can relate to this too:

-When I am focused, I am focused and I can get TONS of stuff done in record time!

-People are constantly commenting on how my energy level seems absolutely endless.

-My meandering thoughts and hyperfocus helps me find creative solutions to solve problems and challenges that arise for my clients.

Me! ️ Me! ️ Me!

There are always two sides to every coin. And if ADHD (or getting squirreled!) is in your bones…lean in and embrace it! Stop fighting, worrying, and shaming yourself. Discover the parts of your personality that really shine precisely because of who you are. 

You are in store for some fun self discovery and reflection.

In the meantime, here are a few work arounds to help make some of the frustrating consequences of ADHD. 

-If you are having trouble focusing; don’t fight, flow with it. Sometimes going down a rabbit hole (or squirrel hole, do squirrels dig holes?…) is what your mind needs at the moment. But you can limit it to a certain amount of time. When you realize that you are getting squirreled by something, stop and set a timer for 30 minutes, say. Then follow the squirrel and when the timer dings make yourself stop and get back to your task.

-Don’t feel bad; No one’s got time for all that noise. If you get rambly at a party or forget something, don’t stress over it. No one is perfect and we all have challenges. Focus on the good things that can come from being ADHD. 

One thing about my ADHD is that it really lets me focus on what individual clients need to reach their health and lifestyle goals. It isn’t unusual for me to run in to the studio at 4am, all pumped up because I had this great idea for a new virtual workout or the perfect idea to help someone break through a workout plateau to keep making progress towards their goals. I just love what I do, and this is part of who I am. 

One person’s flaw is another’s gift. And you are gifted.

If you are ready for me to leverage my ADHD gifts to bear to help you get to the health and lifestyle goals that you have been looking for, book a free consult with us here. I think the 4am slot is still open, cause you know that I will be up 😉


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