How We’re Doing – 1 Year Later

tough times

It’s rather common, for businesses like ours, to do a recap at the end of each calendar year. Typically, we share the things we’ve learned, our achievements, success stories from our customers, and what the future has in store.

However, it’s been a year since COVID-19 changed us all forever. A year ago, early March 2020, is when we all went into lockdown for what was promised to be two weeks… but extended in one way or another for way longer. And it felt wrong to slip through this month without sharing what the last year has been like for us. And what that means for your future.

The Lesson

Sometimes the only thing that we can do is keep showing up.

Man. Last year was bleak guys. Even for a really upbeat, high energy guy like me. We all felt it. We all had dark days. Struggled and grieved. For loved ones we lost, the financial blows and upheavals of being thrown into unfamiliar working and family situations like making the adjustment to working from home or losing a job, and missing out on both big important events that we had planned and also just the little everyday pleasures like watching the game over a beer and some wings at the sports bar.

The way that I got through it was by just continuing to show up. Show up for my family and friends for love and support, even if I couldn’t always do it in person. Show up for my clients by continuing to offer coaching and training, encouragement and support, and by keeping the studios clean and safe. And I continued to show up for myself but not allowing myself to stress eat and slip in my exercise habits.

How We Pivoted

Boy did we pivot. It seemed like we pivoted and pirouetted and pranced at times just to keep up and keep going. We added new options to exercise from home over zoom with our trainers. We adopted more frequent and different cleaning routines, followed all of the mask requirements and capacity limits to keep our clients safe as they exercised in the studios. We refined our app to bring you more and better options, all to help you and to keep showing up for our clients in the ways that they deserve, and expect from us.

Our Greatest Triumph

March last year was really bleak. It was a scary time for everyone, and a lot of people were hit hard financially and personally. As a result, we lost a lot of clients. But we never gave up, and we never let our smaller client load tempt us to stop giving the clients that could stay our very best.

As a result, we have more than made up for the clients that we lost, and some of them have finally been able to come back. This March sees us with far more than the number of clients that we had last March, and we continue to grow. We are thankful to all of our faithful clients who kept us going and kept us sane last year, and who keep coming back!

Our Plans for You Moving Forward

We are planning to expand this year with a new studio location (or two or three!). We are already in the process of looking for new trainers to add to our phenomenal team (so if you know of anyone who is, or are a trainer yourself, apply here). We are always looking for new and bigger ways to show up for our clients, so if you have any suggestions or requests we would love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected].

We are hoping that this March sees you feeling better than you did last March.

 And, if the COVID-19 stress hit you hard and you need some help losing some extra weight or getting some help with your nutrition, we would love to help you. Get your complimentary consult here.

At the end of the day I think that Individual Fitness emerged from COVID-19 a little bit tougher, a lot stronger, and totally and completely grateful for the awesome men and women that we get the opportunity to coach and train. You are the reason why we will never stop showing up.

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