Our Game Plan for Staying Super

Since it’s Superbowl Sunday coming up this weekend (All the best to Super Tommy, even though he is NOT playing with the Patriots anymore, we will try not to hold that against him), we thought a blog post about being super at what we do was appropriate.

Specifically, we want to share what sets us apart from our competition, and when I say ‘competition’ I really don’t think there is anyone out there that is quite like us, who do exactly what we do, and get anywhere near the results that we get for our clients and community. So, what is it that makes us so super?

Starting with:

Value #1: YOU Matter

At Individual Fitness we don’t throw a one-size fits all approach at you. Nah, we know that almost never works. We give you an individualized personal plan crafted around you; to help you reach your specific goals so that you can realize long-lasting change to a healthier lifestyle.

Yeah, that value alone sets us apart. But it’s not our only strategy. Let’s huddle and I’ll fill you in on the next one.

Value #2: Unity

Individual Fitness is a family first, and we take community and our clients very seriously as a part of that family. We are all united on our mission; which is making sure that you get the individualized attention, support, and encouragement to meet your goals and succeed in achieving that healthier lifestyle that you are working towards. Every single trainer and employee in all of our studios are all tracking on this mission; we are united, and a united team is a force to be reckoned with! You will feel this unity and how much YOU matter every single time you walk through the door.

We are a tight fitting, united, committed and driven team! Pretty super, right? But we’re not finished yet. Our Superbowl game plan continues with this next play.

Value #3 Coachability

Something that we always look for in our employees and staff is coachability. This trait, this value is crucial to developing the strong, united team that we have nurtured here at Individual Fitness. This coachability also helps keep us flexible, willing to adapt to help you better, to better give you the support and encouragement that you need.

That leads me to our 4th value, maybe the most important of all of them. This is the one that really scores the touchdown and makes sure that, year after year, we are the team who take the trophies home.

Value #4 Commitment

You aren’t going to find anyone more committed to helping you reach your goals and succeed in creating a sustainable, healthier lifestyle for yourself. You just won’t. It is what Individual Fitness is all about, and the biggest difference that sets us apart from any other place that you are going to find. We are committed to you, period.

Here’s what the Superbowl has ultimately taught us… it’s about the experience. The experience is what we remember. Not the individual plays or even who won or lost. But how we felt while it took place.

And that is the thing about Individual Fitness. You are going to feel the difference working with us. Because you matter to us. We are united in supporting you, your goals. We are coachable, flexible to work with you exactly where you are at and adjust to meet your needs to help you achieve what you need to. And we are committed. To you, to your success.

We’re so glad that you are a part of our team and our community. Have a great Superbowl Sunday cheering for your team and having a good time.

And don’t forget that February is Feel Fabulous month, and all month-long Individual Fitness is doing the Feel Fabulous in February challenge to help you get a jumpstart on your health and fitness goals. It’s not too late to sign up!

Go Team!

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