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Confession Time!!!

At Individual Fitness we do a lot of things well. Really, really well. Better, in fact, than most other fitness businesses. But one thing we’ve realized is that to be the “Best” we can’t do everything.

Now, were you to call us, or shoot us an email, we would be 100% honest with you. We would let you know if another company could meet your needs better than us. It’s something we’ve become well known for.

But chances are, you haven’t called us. So we put together a list of resources and what you should know about each one.

Granite State Physical Therapy

Now we are in the business of helping people meet their physical fitness and wellness goals. What we don’t do is physical therapy. And sometimes physical therapy is 100% what you need before you can enjoy working out at our studio and enjoying that peak quality of life that we know you are craving. 

We like to recommend the guys over at Granite State Physical Therapy if you have an unresolved sports injury, work injuries, pre or post surgery, or orthopedic needs. They are great, really friendly, really know their stuff, and have three locations. Check them out if you need physical therapy.

Akasha Massage and Bodywork

Sometimes you just need a really good massage. Akasha Massage and Bodywork are the people to go to. Working up a good sweat at our studio is awesome, but you might need someone to help you relax all of those new muscles that you are building, and they have many different options to meet your needs.

They are a small business just like us and they really pay personal attention to each client that they treat and what you need. 

When you need personalized fitness and wellness support, we are here for you – 100%. When you need something a little different, we’re still here for you. Let’s work together to find the best possible solutions for you.

Book a free consult to meet with us so that we can help you determine what you need.

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