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  • Have You Lost Your Fitness Mojo?

    Have You Lost Your Fitness Mojo?

    How do you get fitness motivated? Motivation and its driving force can be hard to discern. When it comes to fitness, its often a struggle and a daily one at that. But that's real and true for almost everyone and the good news is that you can manage and improve it as your routine and commitment solidifies. Try these next steps to find your fitness mojo: SET YOUR GOALS AND MAINTAIN THEM
    Write a list of what you want to achieve. Post your goals where you will see them every day and share them with a friend, family members and your trainer. POST YOUR MANTRA
    Write a mantra that supports your goals. Use it every day as part of your ....

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  • To Start Again? Why?

    To Start Again? Why?

    I gave it my best shot, I do not have any more free time, my priorities have shifted, I cannot do it…….. Sound familiar? You are not alone, over 85% of all new routines are abandoned only 8 weeks after they are started. But why are they abandoned when their intentions are rooted with true intent? To give you a hint, the issue is not with the intent. Many of our Clients began their journey in this exact same way, with failed routines. For a routine to be constructed for success, you need to begin with these 3 important things: Mindset, a Support System, and Strategic Framework. Here are the questions you can ask to get there. ....

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  • How Vision Boards Take Goal Setting To Another Level

    How Vision Boards Take Goal Setting To Another Level

    If you’re like many people who resolved to get healthy in 2020, you may already feel your motivation starting to wane. The problem with resolutions is that they’re typically vague and don’t come with a clear vision and path forward to reach the goals set. That’s where a vision board comes in.
    What Is a Vision Board?
    A vision board is a physical representation of what you want to achieve. It’s a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal (like losing weight, for example). A vision board is, quite literally, any sort of board on which you display images that represent what you want to do, who you want to be or what ....

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  • The Simple Secret to Getting Fit

    The Simple Secret to Getting Fit

    Last week, I promised I’d share the one thing you need to do to get healthier. It’s something that our clients often struggle to do for weeks, months and even years. And yet, when they walk into our studio, they’ve already started to improve it. The only thing you have to do to get your body healthier, is to make your mindset healthier.
    It’s safe to bet that a lot of you reading this have recently told yourself one of the following things:
    “I’ll start being healthier on Monday.”
    “I’ll start a diet after the holidays.”
    “I’ll start working out after the New Year.” It’s also safe to bet that a lot of ....

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  • Tracy is IF's January 2020 Client of The Month

    Tracy is IF's January 2020 Client of The Month

    January 2020 Client of the Month
    In July of 2019 I saw a "Tuesday Testimonial" on Facebook. I had just turned 58, was overweight, and out of shape. The woman's testimony resonated with me and I felt that Individual Fitness of Manchester would be a good fit for me. I met with Jim, set up a plan, and began my fitness journey. Individual Fitness has given me the guidance to succeed! I have always had a Planet Fitness membership but rarely used it. Now, six months into this, I use both Individual Fitness and Planet Fitness with great success! I have lost over 30 pounds, eat better and feel better. One of the many things that I love about IF is that although you may work with each team ....

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  • The One Thing Stopping You From Getting Healthier

    The One Thing Stopping You From Getting Healthier

    Last week on the blog, I shared a glimpse into my own health and fitness journey. And I mentioned that throughout my decades in the fitness industry, I realized that there is really just one thing that can stop you from reaching your health and fitness goals: having a partner who is as committed to your health as you are.
    I firmly believe that even at your worst - when you’re doubting your ability to get fit or dwelling on the cookies you ate at the office holiday party - you have more belief in yourself than you have doubt or fear. What you may not have, however, is someone who believes in you as much as you do. You may have family and friends who are supportive of healthier ....

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  • Can you relate?

    Can you relate?

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my years of caring for my own health and the health of others, it’s that mindset is everything
    . As we move toward the start of a new year and a new decade, I wanted to share some important lessons that I’ve learned on my own health journey.Sharing those lessons starts here today. We’re all born with an innate desire to stay healthy and strong. Little kids don’t naturally overeat or fill up on junk food if they’re provided with healthy options. Even what often appears as pickiness in kids can often be tied back to their instinctual knowledge of which foods and nutrients their body needs at any given ....

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  • November Client of the Month

    November Client of the Month

    IF November Client of the Month - Richard Shaughnessy

    In the past I have tried on more than one occasionto lose weight and get into shape. I was able to do it for a month or two before I would go back to old habits. It took me awhile but I realized that this was not something that I could do by myself. I needed people who could help me keep myself honest. I have also learned many bad habits on what makes a good workout over the years. I needed a fresh start with people who actually know what theyare doing. I have slowly changed multiple bad habits. I now pay attention to everything I eat. This does not mean that I eat in a way that I can't sustainbut more days than not I ....

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