Getting older does not mean that you have to become less active

Becoming less active as you age is not inevitable

Most people believe that it’s normal and inevitable to be less physically active as we age. This, in turn, often leads to a decrease in overall health and well-being. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Getting older isn’t an excuse to become less active!

Becoming less physically active as we get older is not inevitable and may even be more important than exercising earlier in life. Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman believes this to be the most serious myth when it comes to exercise.

In an interview with Big Think he says:

“The worst myth is that it’s normal to be less physically active as you get older… As people get older in the West, they tend to lose a lot of strength and power, and that makes basic tasks difficult. And when that happens, people become less active. When they become less active, they become less fit. And it kind of sets in motion a really disastrous, vicious cycle. 

As we get older, strength training becomes more and more important so that we can avoid those losses of vigor that are really important to maintaining your health and staying strong and staying healthy as we age. Humans need about 150 minutes of exercise per week to be healthy, but 80% of us aren’t getting even that. A good solution is simply walking more.

And what physical activity does is it increases your healthspan and your healthspan therefore increases your lifespan. So as we get older, let’s not cut back on the physical activity. Let’s maintain it, do some strength, do some endurance. The evidence is incontrovertible.”


Don’t Let Age Slow You Down: Stay Active and Healthy for Life!

Staying active as we age is incredibly important for a multitude of reasons. Not only does it help maintain our physical health, but it can help keep us mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and socially connected. Physical activity can even help slow down the aging process by reducing inflammation, building muscle strength and mass, and improving cardiovascular health.

Staying active and healthy as we get older is within our control, rather than being dictated by fate. Whether you choose to go for a daily walk, do strength training at the gym, or participate in other forms of exercise, it’s crucial to stay active as you get older in order to stay healthy and vibrant well into old age. So don’t listen to the myth that becoming less physically active is inevitable as we age. Instead, make it a priority to stay active and healthy for life!

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