Are you unknowingly sabotaging your health & fitness success?

sabotaging your health and fitness

You may think you already have a mindset for success…

Chances are, yes, you do for all those things that were important to you. You have achieved success in those areas because you had to be accountable and you maintained an achievement mindset.

But when you have tried over and over to live a healthier lifestyle by improving your fitness and nutrition, you keep falling short.

WHY is that?!

Unknowingly, you may have self-sabotaged your own success. Right now, you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t sabatoge myself.” If so, ask yourself the following questions to help you identify if you have allowed yourself to sabotage your efforts to improve your health.

  • Do I over-commit to unrealistic expectations?
  • Do I procrastinate to start on a certain day/date?
  • Do I put myself down when I don’t start on that date?
  • Do I hit the snooze sleeping in and say I will do it after work?
  • Do I perform below my capabilities because I think it has to be perfect?

Why do we do these things?

Largely because you are your own limit! Specifically, you have allowed your fears to stop you. Fears such as:

  • fear of failure
  • fear of disapproval of others in taking time for you
  • fear of being embarrassed by others if you failed
  • fear of guilt
  • fear of shame
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of resentment
  • overwhelming yourself
  • feeling inadequate

This downward spiral happens when you go after your goal by yourself. You play each part: the judge, the lawyers and the grand jury. The verdict will always be SELF SABOTAGE with its accomplice YOUR FEARS.

How to overcome your self-saboteur to achieve your health and fitness goals

First, Don’t you EVER give up on yourself! EVER! You have to keep moving forward beyond the chaos.

Second, you need a coach to help you with a strong team and community to help you succeed in developing a mindset for your success when it comes to your health and fitness! It is impossible for you to improve yourself by yourself holding you accountable. Especially when it comes to improving your health through fitness and nutrition.

The simple reason, It is hard!

Read what our recent client of the month Vanessa said when asked, What would you say about someone on the fence about joining our program?

You have to be ready for a change. Ready to make a commitment to yourself and have patience. Trust the process. The first 8-10 weeks are hard. You work so hard every day making the right food choices, making time to work out, disciplining yourself and the results seem slow at first. I wanted to give up every day, but the IF team kept encouraging me to move forward. And I am grateful that they did, because once I saw those results. Game changer! Their commitment to your success is genuine and they will support you the entire way! Your future self will thank you for it.

With the right mindset, you can make anything happen

Even if you think you don’t, when you change your thoughts, your actions will follow.

“Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life” -Tony Robbins

Conceal negativity in life. You are stronger than any negative thought — it is its own entity that does not need to be entertained with your time and energy. Focus on the positive. Acknowledge any negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones — they will make a significant impact on what is happening in your life!

It’s hard to tell what is really going on in our heads, but there are some signs that indicate whether or not we may be sabotaging ourselves.

We all have negative thoughts at times, and it’s important to know how they can affect us.

You can do this!

If you feel like something is holding you back from achieving the things you want to achieve, then it might be time for a change of mindset!

You can do this and we can help!

Next week we will talk more specifically about the strategic steps you need to succeed in your health and fitness goals with an expert team that knows how to create success through customized plans just for YOU!

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