ABC’s of Individual Fitness


Go with me on this, will ya? I was at a school program where the kids were singing the ABC’s of how much they loved their families.

It was cute. But, being a little bit distracted, I couldn’t help but think about how the song would be different if we were singing about the fitness industry.

Based on that thought, I’ve put together the ABC’s of getting fit the Individual Fitness way. It’s everything you need to know to about the Individual Fitness way:

A – Aerobic: Aerobic exercise is great for your heart.

B – Ball: Exercise balls are awesome to build strength and lean muscle.

C – Commitment: At Individual Fitness we are committed to helping you meet your goals, AND to help you get there you also need to be committed too!

D – Dedication: The Individual Fitness team is dedicated to seeing you succeed.

E – Energy: More energy is what you will see when you train with us.

F – Freedom: Freedom to live the life that you want to live with better health.

G – Goals: We build you a custom fitness around your goals, your health, and your history. It is all focused on you.

H – Health: Better health and fitness.

I – Incredible: At Individual Fitness we think that you are incredible! We believe in you and your ability to achieve your goals.

J – Jim and John: We are two brothers who founded Individual Fitness.

K – Taking suggestions for this one!

L – Living: The goal at IF isn’t for you to become a pro athlete (though go for it if you want!) but to live more life! We want to enjoy more living.

M – Move: Getting up and moving every day is a great goal to have for better fitness. 

N – Nutrition: Good nutrition is key! We help you here too.

O – Optimism: You can’t get us down at IF! We have high hopes and expectations for you, and no one is going to convince us otherwise.

P – Passion: We are passionate about health and fitness.

Q – Quick: If you’ve met me then you will know that you have to be super quick to catch me because I am always on the go!

R – Real people: Individual Fitness is for REAL people. People who are new to fitness, who are starting over, or who are experienced. We build a fitness plan for you specifically, so it doesn’t matter where you’re at!

S – Support: You will receive unparalleled support from our team and trainers.

T – Team: When you work with us you get an entire team rooting for you.

U – Understanding: We get where you are starting from, and where you want to go. We have been there, and have helped hundreds of people just getting started get to where they want to go. 

V – Victory: What you will feel when you break through and reach your goals!

W – Winning: You’ll feel like you have won more life after working with us. 

X – eXcellent: This is how you are going to feel.

Y – YOU: We are focused on you at Individual Fitness!

Z – Zero: Now there should be zero reasons why you don’t want to come and check us out! 

Is better health and fitness really as easy as ABC? Nah. Few things ever are. But, with our help, you could be well on your way to meeting your goals.

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