A Summer for Change


You know what I love about summer? It’s when I feel the most energized. It’s the time of year when I feel I can make some big changes. When the sun is out. When I find myself outside and doing more (rather than being stuck in my usual routine). That’s when I find myself motivated to accomplish a few goals.

Hopefully, you feel the same way, because I’d sure like to challenge you to make this your summer for change.

As a fitness, health, and wellness guy, one of the changes I’d like to see more gyms make is to treat people like they are PEOPLE, and not just a number.

There are so many gyms that are only concerned about their bottom line. They have a vested interest in people signing up for a program, forking over their money, and then NOT showing up. The dirty little secret in the fitness industry is that they actually don’t WANT you to show up. They don’t want you to put in the work. They don’t want you to experience change and realize a new lifestyle. 

Big gyms make more money when you sign up for a long term program that you are tied into and then don’t show up after the first few weeks. That way they get your money and don’t have to purchase new equipment or hire more trainers or hire staff to man the desk and clean the floors.

We are not like that. At Individual Fitness we want you to come, we want you to succeed. We have a vested interest in seeing you meet your fitness and nutrition goals. Individual Fitness cares about YOU—which is why we create a custom fitness and nutrition program just for you, to help you realize your specific goals.


But, I digress. Back to your summer for change. Summer is a great time to begin new things, especially a new exercise program.

  • In summer we tend to have more energy.
  • Longer days mean more light for activities.
  • Warm weather inspires lots of outdoor activities.
  • Research shows that our caloric intake tends to decrease in the summer, making it easier to lose weight, especially if your activity increases.

Look, change is hard. If it were easy, everyone would be changing habits all the time. But most of us never reach those goals. Because it takes work!

But, this summer could be the beginning of you beginning a new, healthier, stronger, and more vibrant chapter in your life. And, since it’s summer, you already have a leg up!

So what are you waiting for?

If you need help making changes in your life, then book your free consult and let us tell you exactly what we can do to help you reach your goals. 

It’s your season for change. And we can’t wait to help you!

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