The #1 secret to your success

journal for health and fitness success

Do you want to know the simple secret that will help you keep your new healthy habits going strong?

Drumroll, please…

The answer is…your own Self Journal.

When journaling is done effectively, it is a simple tool for tracking your progress from day to day, week to week, and month to month — to see the average of your wins.

To factor an average, you need at least two pieces of data to add together and divide by the number of pieces of data (in this case two) — and BOOM you have your answer.

So how do you journal correctly?

Simply keep a record in your journal of what you eat, drink, and do (exercise). You’ll need to set aside time to review the habits you recorded in your journal. You will quickly be able to see how consistent you are during the day, the week, month, or year.

In a recent study, participants were asked to eat less fat, more vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. They needed to exercise for 180 minutes a week by walking or other ways. They also needed to go to group meetings and keep a detailed food diary.

People who kept a diary of what they ate six or seven days a week lost 18 pounds on average, but those who didn’t lose 9 pounds.

Keeping a food diary does not have to be hard. You can just write down what you eat and do on a Post-It note, send yourself e-mails or texts to count the meals you have eaten, or send self messages.

The simple secret to your success is to keep your own journal in whatever way works best for you.

Remember this tip during your process: the only bad journal is the one you don’t use.

Happy Journaling!

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