October 2015 – Bob Gile

Bob Gile

I began working with John and Jim Olson at Individual Fitness about 5 years ago. I had always been physically active, but, with the onset of arthritis in my knees, had really lapsed into inactivity. When I joined IF at age 77, I had no desire to embark on a ‘Charles Atlas’ regimen, but wanted to return to decent physical condition.

I have worked mostly with John and have been extremely satisfied, not only with the results but with his understanding of my needs and capabilities.

I am now 82 years old and able to walk upstairs normally, can get out of my kayak without rolling from the cockpit into shallow water and have an increased level of energy such that I no longer nap during my lunch hour.

I also am aware that I could make even greater progress were it not for business commitments that occasionally preclude my regular attendance, as well as circumstances that make it extremely difficult to adopt the dietary recommendations that are provided. In summary, I have been most pleased with my experience at Individual Fitness, both in terms of the results and the friendly and conscientious guidance of the Olson brothers.

Bob Gile


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