November Client of the Month

November Client of the Month

IF November Client of the Month – Richard Shaughnessy


In the past I have tried on more than one occasion to lose weight and get into shape.  I was able to do it for a month or two before I would go back to old habits.  It took me awhile but I realized that this was not something that I could do by myself.  I needed people who could help me keep myself honest.  I have also learned many bad habits on what makes a good workout over the years.  I needed a fresh start with people who actually know what they are doing.

I have slowly changed multiple bad habits.  I now pay attention to everything I eat.  This does not mean that I eat in a way that I can’t sustain but more days than not I chose to eat the healthier choice.  I have decided to make physical fitness and important part of my day.  Which means that I always set aside the time for a work out of some type.  I have also started to find other physical things to do.  I have tried rock climbing (which did not really work out), started walking the wonderful views in NH (I like this one), and started to do Tai Chi  (I practice this regularly now).  The amount of energy I have now is amazing.  I have lost 41 lbs now and as much as 7 inches on my waist. 

I have a bad back, knees and ankles.  The program here has be tailored to continue to work me hard within the limitation of my body.  This may sound like a little thing, but I live with back pain everyday, it used to get so bad that I would be unable to do anything.  Since working with the IF team that has changed, we have slowly strengthened my back and core.  I still have injured my back, but my recovery was far faster and I was not completely unable to do anything.  I like coming in and not knowing exactly what exercises that I am going to be doing.  Each time it is a different workout program so never gets boring.

Do it.  Your trainers will help give you the tools to be successful, but it is up to you to use them.  You have to be open to change and keep a positive attitude.  The first month I did not even look at a scale because I knew it would take me awhile just to start seeing some results because of how out of shape I was.  Just keep at it.  Don’t give up or give in.

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