Let It Roll

Roll it Out:
1. Begin your warm-up by focusing on self-myofascial release using tools such as a foam roller or a tennis ball to decrease trigger points and “knots” (also known as adhesions) within muscles by applying pressure to commonly tight areas of the body. Addressing tissue density first will help relieve tension and also increase blood flow, improve mobility, and enhance overall movement quality.

Release Tension:

2. A great warm up exercise to release tension and prepare for exertion are body rolls. Use intentional movements to roll and relax your head, arms and waist. Stand straight, relax your entire body and breathe with purpose. Bend your head to the left, rotate clockwise for 12 repetitions, then roll to the right. Rotate your arms and waist, first to the right, then to the left, for 12 repetitions each. Feel your body respond to these warm up exercises as you slowly flex and bend. Tension and stiffness melt away.

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