Healthy Father’s Day Tips!!

Father’s Day Health and Fitness Gifts

A good Father’s Day gift can
encourage good health — and still be fun too.

Over the
years, the Father’s Day gift has become synonymous with the impersonal and the
uninspiring — the tie, the socks, the bottle of cheap aftershave to add to the
unopened collection maturing beneath the bathroom sink. So come June, every
American with a father who wants to do something different traipses through the
mall and struggles to come up with a new answer to the annual question: What
can I get my dad for Father’s Day that is not a tie, nor socks, nor aftershave?

Well, why
not give him a healthy Father’s Day gift this year? What about something that
might make him feel better, either physically or mentally?

Plenty of Father’s Day gifts can be
fun but also encourage a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ideas.

Fitness Gifts

getting some physical activity is good for people of any age, so use your
Father’s Day gift to encourage your dad to get moving. Even if he’s fallen out
of the habit of exercising regularly, a new piece of equipment might be just
the thing to inspire your father to start up again.

Think about
getting him back onto the tennis court with a new racket or onto the golf
course with a new set of clubs. Something as simple as a new basketball hoop in
the driveway might make him almost as happy now as it did when he was 10.   Fire up the old horseshoe pit, or a friendly
fun game of badminton!!

A gift Certificate to
Individual Fitness!!

Think about
giving your dad a few sessions here at Individual Fitness to jump start a new
lifestyle for him!  One of our trainers
might help your father learn about the benefits of fitness, and perhaps help
him figure out a kind of exercise that he’ll enjoy.

Outdoor Cooking

Try our
recipe of the week for Father’s day to get the healthy outdoor cooking habit
started!  A lot of guys are seasonal
cooks. While they don’t have much interest in the oven and the stove, they love
making dinner as soon as they can lug the grill out of the garage. Think about
making your dad happy with some barbecuing accessories as a Father’s Day gift.
But get your dad to think of his grill as something more than an assembly line
for hotdogs, hamburgers, and other foods with dubious health benefits.

For instance,
think about getting your dad a vegetable tray or basket. These can be placed
right on the grill along with other foods and the holes are small enough that
sliced peppers and mushrooms won’t fall through to be incinerated by the
charcoal. Or think about getting a fish basket — which securely holds a whole
fish for grilling — or a special spatula designed to flip fish fillets often
called a fish turner. Another option would be a nice set of skewers for shrimp
and vegetable shish kebabs. Goldman also recommends a healthy cookbook as a
Father’s Day gift — perhaps one focused on grilling — to inspire your dad.

Have a fun, healthy,
wonderful Father’s Day!!

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