Grab your blinders

Grab your blinders
Seriously…sometimes after scrolling through social media or checking my inbox my head feels like it’s spinning.
Today, it seems like everyone in your news feed is selling some magical product – patches, shakes, wraps, pills, you name it… – that has INCREDIBLE weight loss results.
And some of them have pretty compelling testimonials.
But here’s the thing you need to remember when you’re about to grab your credit card and get swept away in the hype…
There is simply no way to get around the fact that you have to exercise and eat well if you want to see and sustain body change.
And anyone who tells you differently because their pill inhibits fat absorption or whatever garbage either doesn’t really understand what they’re saying or they’re a liar.
That’s just the truth.
And it needs to be said because people are throwing away BILLIONS every single year looking for fixes like these while obesity is a worsening epidemic.
So yeah, these things don’t work but they make people money so I don’t expect people will stop selling these kinds of things anytime soon.
But I hope this gives you the extra nudge to embrace doing the work for the health you deserve and just putting on your blinders when you see outrageous claims.
As always, if you’re ready to do the work, hit reply and let me know so we can get it done and keep the results long-term!
Committed to your Fitness,
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