Get your GRIT on!

Get your GRIT on

The word “Grit” is rarely mentioned, and even more importantly, it is seldom taught how to bring it from the deepest parts of your being to wearing it as a shield of protection.

GRIT is one of the most important characteristics a person can have to achieve their goals and become their best self. Keep your attitude positive and your willingness strong, and you will be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So, how do you get your GRIT on and become an unstoppable force of inspiration for yourself and others in your social network?

Step 1 – To acquire your grit as a shield, you must go from “inside to outside.”

It will take a lot of work and be well worth the pain and effort it takes to get there.  Do not allow yourself to give up on your commitment of becoming your best self during the process of your self-transformation!

Don’t give up on your resolve to be your greatest possible self while you’re undergoing the process of self-improvement!

Keep moving forward over the chaos!

Your GRIT will never become your shield of armor if you give up on yourself during the process. All the agony and suffering you put yourself through will be for naught!

Remember this fact, when you decide to give it a go again — and you will — all that pain and discomfort will be waiting for you again. This time it will be twice as painful and discomforting guaranteed! Just don’t quit! Just put all your focus on becoming 1% better today than you were yesterday! And keep moving forward one step at a time.

Step 2 – Your individual formula

Your Attitude + Your Willingness = Your Grit! 

Attitude will be your new core and your willingness will become your mindset!

You must align your attitude and willingness first, and if you don’t, your grit will never be your outside shield for the world to see, nor for you to see when you look in the mirror and be the inspiration for your family and friends.

Once it is your outside amour, the work will have been worth every second of the pain and discomfort it takes to achieve it. Your grit will stay buried in your core and allow the world to see the gift of YOU!

Step 3 – Decide: You must make a decision to either take the action to become or not to take the action. 

Step 4 – The result of your decision is yours to own. 

Step 5 – Become your shield of grit and do not give up til it happens! 

Trust the process and it will happen, guaranteed! 

To begin your process, you need to align your other two characteristics with your commitment. The first is your attitude and the second is your willingness!

To undergo your mind, body and spiritual transformation, you must to allow it go from “inside-out”!

It is already buried deep inside your core, and the moment it becomes your outer shield, it is built to last. You possess it. You have built it to last which allows you to face any obstacle in your path to your greatness!

For one to thrive in achieving the best version of themselves there are a few characteristics that are needed: one’s own attitude and willingness.

When a person possesses those they soon realize the third — GRIT — naturally begins to shine through. By connecting a positive attitude of “Yes I can” and the second characteristic of “willingness,” you become unstoppable to overcome any obstacle that life plants in front of you to succeed in becoming your best self!

When that happens your third begins to shine its way through as sort of your Armour. This is GRIT! Grit, to me, is your self-belief in your self-confidence. Once those are aligned and layered as your armored shield, you are self-empowered and one hell of a force of leadership to inspire yourself and others! Now you are living as you were meant to, a true champion in the greatest game ever played called “Life”!

Yes you can + Yes you will and You will wear your grit as your shield individually fit and sized to YOU!

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