Client of the month – Kevin Lindquist

Kevin Lindquist

I want to introduce you to our May 2021 Client of the Month, Kevin Lindquist. He has a remarkable story, to say the least.

Kevin was a client and got tremendous results. Then he started feeling good and was doing great and thought he could do things on his own. We assured him that IF would be here for him if and when he was ready to return.

His mind took him out. He felt good. He had the energy and strength and thought he was ready to strike out on his own. He set up his own state-of-the-art home gym, which was good for the in-between days, but realized that he needed someone to be accountable to and additional support to keep in a routine, stretching, and diet that he failed to do on his own.

He started to feel a lot of the same pain and weight gain he had felt before he had started with IF and decided to come back.

Returning to IF helped him return to the long-term lifestyle and mindset of overall health.

“IF helped me with my diet, exercise, and everything else. I have learned so much and have made the IF way my lifestyle and stick with it and there is no going back.

There is only one way, the IF way and forward. Please give it a try it is worth a shot, you have nothing to lose but weight, pain and the chance to inspire others to do the same.”

Come and see us today for your complimentary consult. Learn the IF way of life and let us help you combine structure, accountability, and continued growth as a part of the IF nation family. Watch his latest story below.


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