Christmas Health Tips

Christmas Health Tips – Stay Active

Remember to Stay Physically Active!

The holiday season is about family and food – and all too often, adding a few

extra pounds to our waistlines. Being physically active throughout the entire

year is important to maintaining a healthy weight. The American Heart Association

recommends that children (up to age 18) get at least 60 minutes a day and adults

get at least 150 minutes per week of moderately vigorous physical activity. Keep

your family physically active when the weather gets chilly with these tips:

• Go sledding. Running up a snowy hill, sliding down and repeating is a

great way to get the whole family physically active.

• Ice skate. This is a great workout for your legs and heart. You’ll also help

strengthen your core, which is engaged when trying to keep you balanced.

• Shovel the snow. Someone has to do it, and it’s a great way to get the

heart pumping and the other muscles working. But don’t overdo it!

• Go for an afternoon or evening walk, jog or run – and bring the dog!

As long as you’re dressed warmly any time of day can be enjoyable for

taking a stroll or a jog. Winter days are shorter, so start early enough to

finish before it gets too dark.

• Visit the gym or local community center. This is also a great way to

entertain out-of-town guests. Grab a basketball, some jump ropes or

volleyball for some fun physical activity

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