Autumn is a season of change

Autumn is a season of change

Autumn is a season of change. Tree leaves turn yellow and red, it gets darker earlier and temperatures start to drop. It’s a favorite time of year for many people. However, the colder weather and impending holiday stress can cause some to fall off the fitness wagon.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are plenty of enjoyable ways to get or stay fit. Planning for seasonal changes, finding support from group exercise and embracing events and activities that the season has to offer are key factors in staying fit through the transition.

1. Take Advantage of Autumn Activities

Take Advantage of Autumn Activities

Autumn group events like hiking, leaf peeping, apple picking and corn mazes are just a few of the active options the season has to offer that can also be a fun bonding experience for family and friends. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year for getting outside. So, grab a friend and find some local parks or trails to walk, run or bike and take in the view of changing leaves. Or organize a weekend trip with an autumn theme and plan to be active.

2. Sign Up for a Fun Run

Sign Up for a Fun Run

With the fall season come many holiday-themed fun runs and events. Look in the newspaper or online for costumed Halloween runs, Thanksgiving turkey trots and reindeer romps. Training for a specific goal like a race increases the likelihood that you’ll actually stick to an exercise program. Signing up with friends or family is another great way to keep yourself accountable for completing the training.

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