August 2019 Concord Client of the Month – Allan F.

August 2019 Concord Client of the Month - Allan F.

I decided to join IF because I was too out of shape to enjoy the activities that I had a passion for.  Every year I would go on a weekend mountain biking trips with my friends in Vermont only to realize that I was in worse shape than the previous year.  I would suffer up the climbs, feel bad for slowing the group down, and dread getting back on the bike after the first day of riding because I was so sore.  I looked forward to the trip for months only to dread the upcoming physical pain I would subject myself to during the actual mountain bike rides. The activities I did for fun were no longer much fun.  I was noticing this same trend where the pain and suffering was outweighing the fun factor with my other favorite activities such as tennis, ice hockey, and hiking.

I also missed being a competitive athlete and I missed winning.  I would lose a close tennis match but rationalize the loss by reminding myself that I would have won if I was in better shape. I realized that if I didn’t make a change. I would soon be a spectator in life and watching everyone else enjoy their favorite past times.  This epiphany is when I decided to join IF because I wanted the one-on-one support, a road map to achieve my goals, and training sessions that fit my schedule.

The most noticeable results are the 55lb weight loss, reduced resting heart rate from 70 to 38, and I can carry my toddler around without losing my breath.  However, my favorite outcome of this program is the confidence that I can handle any physical endeavor that comes my way.  This winter my family received an invite to snowshoe in the White Mountains for an afternoon with about 25 people.  In years past I would get anxious thinking about how embarrassing it would be if I couldn’t keep up or how hard I may breathe, but not this year.  I looked forward to strapping the snowshoes on and carrying my 25lb daughter up the trail in backpack child carrier.  I was able to enjoy the hike by relying on my improved fitness to stay at the front of the group without losing my breath.

I’ve also seen great results on the bike.  Yesterday I went for a 45-mile bike ride in the 90-degree heat without any discomfort.  My friend that I have ridden with for years commented that “our speed during the ride was fastest we’ve ever ridden together.”  I’ve even started to participate in local cycling races, which is something I would have never attempted with my fitness level before joining Individual Fitness.

The results are too numerous to list but my lifestyle has had a major overhaul since joining Individual Fitness. My average week now consists of jogging 5 miles during lunch once or twice a week, lifting weights twice a week, playing ice hockey, cycling 3-4 times a week, and still having enough energy to for anything else that pops up on the calendar.  Individual Fitness has helped me develop the habits that lead to a sustainable healthy lifestyle combined with an elevated fitness level that I can leverage to participate in life’s most rewarding activities.

The individual attention is my favorite part of the gym.  I realize that the word “individual” is in the name of the gym but individualized attention truly is the ethos of this place.  You cannot walk into this place without a staff member calling out your name and inquiring about your day.  My training sessions fit my schedule and I never had an issue re-scheduling due to a conflict.  Having the training session in the calendar provides accountability but it also allows me show up and simply focus completing the planned workout.

I would recommend joining Individual Fitness if you’re looking for a team to support you in achieving your goals by designing a plan that is specific to you.

~Allan F.


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