7 Reasons Why a Positive Mindset is a Must for Your Sustained Success

You are Your Own Limit

In order to lead a healthy and happy life, people of all ages need to adopt a positive mindset. Your attitude affects your emotional well-being which in turn affects your physical health. Whether you’re 40+ or 20, it’s crucial to maintain a positive attitude in order to stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

Hanging on the wall in almost every room of our studios is a sign that says:

You are Your Own Limit!

This statement is the key when achieving sustained success. It is so true that we felt it necessary to hang it where each of the IF team and all our clients are reminded of it daily. I guess you could say it is so no one that matters to us at Individual Fitness forgets themselves.

Ponder this statement for yourself as you continue to read. By the end, it will ring true for you too. I am so confident of that, I will back it up with our IF Guarantee…Individual Results are Guaranteed!™

As I share the 7 Reasons Why a Positive Mindset is a Must for Your Success, I’d like you to think of the first time you started something and kept at it until you were so good at this thing, that you were able to do it in your sleep!

Not only you are that good at your thing, but you may have the hardest time teaching and motivating somebody to be just like you. Yet, you asked them to trust the process, that you can teach them to not only motivate but to actually have sustained success with it, to enable them to have sustained success and give to others.

There are MANY reasons why a positive mindset is important for sustained success — and here are our top 7:

1.    PRESENTYour positive mindset allows you be in the present moment.

You are not thinking of the future or the past that leads you astray. You are where you are in the process and ok with yourself being there.

Truth: When you are in the moment space, time has no starting point or stopping point, it is endless!

2.    Perfection — Your positive mindset allows you to accept yourself imperfectly perfect.

Truth: On the journey of you perfecting the thing you are improving at, you can imperfectly accept presently how you are, what you want to achieve or who you want to be. It does not matter how many times you have tried, attempted before or what it should look like, feel like or be like in the future. It is becoming you and knowing every day you are 1% better than the try, attempt or the day before and it is enough and ok to you presently.

3.    Place Your positive mindset allows you to be exactly where your feet are and ok.

Truth: When you allow yourself to be where you are presently in the process the future does not cause you any fear whatsoever and the past doe not allow yourself to talk or act negativity to yourself. You know where you are and you know when you need to move forward and be ok with yourself.

4.    Others Your positive mindset allows you to be free of others (opinions/influence), or things.

Truth: It does not matter what others might tell you, try to stop you or worse use you for their self-gain for their success while leading you astray on how yours should look. You are focused on where you are, what you need to do next and who you can ask for help — who listens to you and what sustained success looks like for you.

5.    Obstacles Your positive mindset allows you to face every single obstacle that is between you and your sustained success without fear.

Truth: You are the one that placed the obstacle in front of you presently. When chose to trust in the process for your sustainable success, you know the process does not eliminate obstacles. What appears to be obstacles to others, are only foundational steps for you to take on your journey toward sustainable success.

6.    Overcoming — Your positive mindset allows you to stop and look back at your past and be ok with it.

Truth: For success that is sustainable for you, when you need to stop, need a break, or look back at how far you have come in the process, it is ok to actively stop. Even though to others it may look like you quit or failed, you are actually recovering and resting during the stage in your process because you are being re-energized to do the work during your next stage of the process.

7.    Vision — Your positive mindset allows you to hold on to your vision at the center of your core.

Truth: When we believe in the future and the possibilities it holds, we tend to make better decisions.

We at Individual Fitness are always here to help you when you need a strategy to help you take your next step to keep moving forward over the chaos which will result in living a lifestyle that is sustainable for your success.

I ask if you remember the guarantee to you above? You know, that the statement of “You are Your Own Limit!” will be true and relatable to you. I will tell you why that is next week. I will give you a hint: You are both the gas and the brake of your sustained success.


It’s never too late to take control of your life and start living a healthier, more active lifestyle.

If you or a loved one, friend or coworker needs help in achieving a sustainable, healthier active lifestyle, please reach out to us the simplest way you can or pass this on to anyone who may need and be looking for help.

We at Individual Fitness are always here to help you when you need a strategy to help you take your next step to keep moving forward toward living a sustainable, active, healthy lifestyle. Afterall, our Vision at Individual Fitness, is to provide a private personal training experience where YOU MATTER!

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