Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling

staying fit while traveling

If travel is a regular part of your job or life, you might know how hard it can be to work out on the road. Sometimes we just need some quick ideas on what to do when we’re short on time or equipment. If you are traveling and your hotel doesn’t have a gym (imagine that!? In this day in age). We’d like to offer a few helpful tips and some simple exercises that you can do anywhere — at home, in the office, or on the — no equipment needed! Be sure to stretch throughout your workout and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Pack for a Workout

One of the best ways to stay fit when you’re on the road is by packing for a workout. Make it a habit to always travel with workout clothes on hand and if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, don’t worry!

Hotel Room Pushups

For this exercise, you’ll need two beds side by side, if the beds are too far apart that you can’t position your hands properly you can use two sturdy chairs. Stand between the two beds, place a hand flat on each bed, fingers pointing straight ahead, your hands should be about shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Your arms should be extended so your upper body is elevated slightly above the level of the bed. Slowly lower yourself down and up to complete your pushups.

Reverse-Grip Dips

This dip works your lower pecs and triceps. Start by standing between the beds or chairs. Your legs will be straight out in front of you, toes pointing up, and heels touching the floor. Slowly lower yourself down toward the floor with your elbows bent, pause and raise yourself back up. Note: If the mattresses aren’t firm enough, slide your hands under the mattresses and support yourself on the box springs.

Walk whenever possible

No matter where you go, try to walk whenever possible because this will keep your muscles toned up too!

Other Easy Exercises

You can easily do these on the road or in your hotel room: standard pushups, crunches, stretches, while you’re driving you can do behind-the-wheel shoulder shrugs and try to always walk when you can.


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