Tracey Cote – January 2018 Client of the Month


I was physically active and fit throughout my 20s and 30s.  I hiked, ran, cycled, played squash, and cross country skied.  The demands of work and family, along with a slowing metabolism, took their toll in my 40s.  I spent less time outdoors and more time at my desk, in the car, and on the couch.  By the winter of 2016-17, I felt out of shape, uncomfortable in my clothes, and I was in pain.  My back hurt constantly.  I couldn’t sit cross-legged because of the tightness in my back and hips.  I was at a client meeting one day when I saw a sign advertising another personal trainer in Concord.  I thought about walking in directly from my client meeting and saying “help me.”  Thankfully, I did my research, and realized that IF would be a better place for me to train.  I said “help me” to John & Jim, and it was the best decision I’ve made in years.


I am pain free.  My back doesn’t hurt, my shoulders don’t hurt, my right leg doesn’t hurt, and I can sit cross legged.  I sprained my ankle badly in the early summer and with John’s help, I didn’t miss a single workout because of it.  The ankle is stronger now than it was before I sprained it.  I’ve taken up mountain climbing again, with my energetic 13-year-old, and with my brother, an Ironman triathlete.  I am strong.  I ran three miles on Christmas Day.  During the arctic cold of the Christmas week, I did a four-mile hike on the trails at Oak Hill in East Concord, and was comfortable doing it.  I have more energy, and I am better equipped to manage the strains and stressed of daily life. There’s always more to achieve, but I’m confident in my strength and my fitness.  It’s night and day from where I was a year ago.



I feel challenged and supported, never judged or criticized.  I love the positive attitude and atmosphere at IF.  I look forward to coming in.  If I miss a workout, I don’t panic.  I know John, Jim, and the rest of the IF crew have my back.  My strength training workouts are thoughtful and personalized to move me closer to my fitness goals without injury.  After years of trying to design my own fitness program, and failing to meet my goals, all I do now is put myself in the capable hands of John and the IF trainers.



There are countless magazines and articles that bombard us with the message that a regular fitness and exercise program can change our lives.  Who doesn’t want to be stronger, fitter, have more energy, sleep better, manage stress better, and control weight?  But most of us don’t have that experience, even when we try.  Our self-designed exercise program is ill-suited to our fitness goals.  We start a program and stop when it becomes boring, or too difficult.  We injure ourselves, or we don’t get the results we hope to achieve.


IF delivers the life-changing experience.  You will be stronger, fitter, have more energy, sleep better, manage stress, and control your weight, with IF in your corner.  And you’ll have some fun getting there.  How could you possibly be on the fence?


~Tracey Cote

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