Todd Noce – December 2017 Client of the Month

Individual Fitness Testimonial



My wife Mary joined IF prior to me joining to improve her physique, health, and successfully train for a half-marathon without injury.  Her results were very impressive. At that time, I have been working out on my own including completing several half-marathons and a single full marathon.  Although I was able to accomplish these goals I was still not achieving the physique I wanted and began to experience injury including IT Band issues and lower back issues.  A few weeks before my family and I were heading to Disney World to participate in the Dark Side Running Challenge, I strained my lower back.  I could not stand up straight or lay down comfortably.  I thought there was no way I could run.  I went to a physical therapy for evaluation and treatment.  I learned that my core was practically nonexistent despite all my training and exercise.  I knew it was time to engage in a fitness and health routine to prevent this from happening.  Given my wife’s success, I joined IF and successfully completed the Disney race.


Since joining IF I have gotten much stronger and faster, completing several half-marathons and the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C. with a new P.R.  I have more energy and feel and look better than I did in my 20s.


I work out with Jim at 6AM before work.  The routines are never “routine.”  They are really engaging, personalized, and challenging.  I feel like I getter a better workout in those 30 minutes than I had in 1hour long workouts in the past. 


I would tell any prospective client the hardest part about this process was taking the step in joining.  Once a member of IF your goals become your trainer’s goals.  The staff is so friendly and supportive.  The atmosphere at the gym is very welcoming and not judgmental in any way.


Todd Noce 


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