To Start Again? Why?

To Start Again? Why?


I gave it my best shot, I do not have any more free time, my priorities have shifted, I cannot do it……..

Sound familiar?

You are not alone, over 85% of all new routines are abandoned only 8 weeks after they are started.

But why are they abandoned when their intentions are rooted with true intent?

To give you a hint, the issue is not with the intent.

Many of our Clients began their journey in this exact same way, with failed routines.

For a routine to be constructed for success, you need to begin with these 3 important things: Mindset, a Support System, and Strategic Framework.  Here are the questions
you can ask to get there.


Why are you really doing this?


Is it because you want to holistically approach a healthier lifestyle?


Or is it because you want the easy results?

Mindset allows us to fight and win the battle of complacency.


A Strong Support System 

Who is your cheerleader?


Who do you want on your side or in your corner?

Who is allowed to ask you the hard questions?


 A Strong Support System allows us to build relationships that support our goals.


Strategic Framework 

How do I plan on getting from point A to point B?

How do my workouts need to be to drive success?

How do I incorporate my nutrition into my plan?

How do I fight the monotony of cardio?

Framework allows us to reshape our actions to redefine what our new “wins” look like.


In the end, I think a better question to ask is: What is preventing you from starting again?

When you allow yourself to shift your Mindset, Support System, and Framework to a positive and strategic approach, you natrually become more focused on what actions you need to take to achieve your success!

Now go ahead and start again! Your success is waiting!

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