The difference between a health coach and a distributor

The difference between a health coach and a distributor
Some people aren’t going to like me for this one, and that’s OK because I’ve got to call it out.
Suddenly the industry is flooded with these so-called “health coaches,” and I need to tell you what’s going on.


A variety of product-based companies decided to assign the title “health coach” to people who sign up to distribute their products – like protein shakes, for example.


But here’s the scary part. 99% of these people have NO background in health or nutrition. They have no clue what they’re selling, why they’re selling it, or how it works.

You see, the health and fitness industry is largely unregulated, and too many consumers have no idea. They don’t know the difference between someone with advanced degrees or training and years of experience and someone who just wants to sell you a shake, wrap, or pill.


So, the next time you get a DM from someone you haven’t spoken to since high school about their weight loss product, JUST SAY NO!

I hope this was enlightening for you.
Committed to Your Fitness,

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