September 2015 – Melinda Masewic

Melinda Masewic

This is what I did last summer:


I went to Olive Garden for the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks…..a lot
I binge watched TV shows like House and Law and Order and whatever was on.
I watched the nieces and nephews play from a lawn chair
I went to the beach for the sole purpose of sitting still
I wouldn’t go hiking or camping, why in the world would I do that?!!!

The winter was even worse. I left the house pretty much to go to work or the Olive Garden only. In January I got reassigned to the overnight shift at work and it was not good for me. I struggled with getting enough sleep and I was eating the worst food at the strangest times. My stomach was almost always upset and crampy. I researched how to survive the night shift and proper diet and exercise was a repeating theme. I signed up with Jim at IF…..I started going to the gym 6 days a week at the end of January. It was hard at first but I kept at it with lots of encouragement from the staff at IF.

When I started I was:


Neck: 12 ½ Hips: 41 Shoulders: 39 Thigh: 24 ¼ Waist: 31

Biceps: 11 ½ Calf: 14 ½ Forearm: 9 ¾ Weight: 160

This is what I have done so far this summer:


I give the nieces and nephews a run for their money
I hiked East and West Rattlesnake (1200ft.) and the Welch Dickey Loop (over 2,000)
I went kayaking (so fun)
I went skydiving (OMG!)
I went to the beach and did not sit still, I took a surf lesson (and actually got up on the board a couple times)

As of this week I am:


Neck: 12 1/4 Hips: 38 Shoulders: 37 1/2 Thigh: 21 Waist: 28

Biceps: 11 Calf: 14 Forearm: 9 ½ Weight: 138

All I can say is that at the age of 45 I feel better and am doing more than I ever have in my life. I can’t wait to see what I get up to this winter. Thank you soooo much Jim, John, Jeff, Erick and Kate. Also a special thanks to Dee Dee……It was her before and after shots that inspired me.”

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