Lifting doesn’t mean huge for the ladies out there!

Clearly how much weight you lift doesn’t make you big and bulky, and it’s about time that women stopped fearing that it will. The main things to focus on, if looking to get lean, are the following:


  1. Don’t over eat. If you’re not keeping a food diary that is your biggest problem with losing weight.
  2. Lift heavy for a few reps. A sample deadlift workout might be three sets of three reps with a two to three minute rest between sets. These need to be hard, near all-out sets for them to be useful.
  3. For the rest of your workout do only whole-body exercises such as loaded carries and sled pushing, and bodyweight exercises such as burpees, lunges, squats, and pull-ups.
  4. Ignore the “friends” who try to derail you by telling you that despite all evidence to the contrary you’re training incorrectly. You paid for a trainer for his or her expert help, don’t go off reservation and start listening to someone who gets workout advice off Biggest Loser or some other gimmicky source.


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