Keep Healthy Snacks On You

Keep snacks where in convenient places. December is definitely a month where people run around, from work, shopping, holiday parties, Yankee Swaps, family, etc. It’s easy to go for long periods without eating. Try keeping a protein bar or healthy snack on you. This way you won’t feel ravenous by the time you do get the chance to eat.

Think about how many calories you’re drinking. Those yummy, holiday coffee drinks that we all love can be packed with over 500 calories! If you have two of those in one day, you’ve pretty much consumed at least half your calories for the day. Alcoholic beverages can also sneak up on you. Pay attention to how many you drink and what is in each of them. Try getting drinks with nonfat milk and low sugar flavoring.

Enjoy the start of the Holiday Month by making good healthy choices. Think of how good you’ll feel in the new clothes you get as gifts if you work hard to keep your body the way you want it. By planning to take care of yourself this month January won’t seem like such a struggle.

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