June 2019 Client of the Month – Ed Stewart

June 2019 Client of the Month - Ed Stewart

After decades of neglecting my own health and working in a relatively sedentary professional position, I found myself entering retirement with Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  I was taking medications for each of these conditions.  Not a pretty picture.  It was time to follow my doctor’s recommendation to exercise and lose weight.


The results have been fantastic.  My A1-C (measure of blood sugar) has dropped from over 8 to 5.8.  My overall cholesterol has fallen from 220 to 180, and my triglycerides have plummeted from 390 to 190.  In addition, I have lost more than 15 pounds.  The results are proven in the numbers.


I look forward to my sessions at Individual Fitness.  It is NOT “boot camp”.  The workouts are individually designed and follow a thoughtful progression.  I love the variety.  For instance, I have done more than 10 different exercises just for the biceps.  My trainer, Elise, and the entire staff are always friendly, helpful and encouraging. 


In addition to the exercise part of my program, there is also a nutritional side.  I would strongly recommend Individual Fitness to anyone who wants to start living or get back to a healthy life style. 


~Ed S.


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