June 2016 Client of the Month – Philip Burt

I began my weight loss journey 3 years ago shortly after
being diagnosed with diabetes. I developed diabetes at 249 lbs., not
250 only 249. I opted for gastric sleeve surgery once the
Dr. said it can cure diabetes.  I followed all the
recommendations as closely as possible. It is no quick fix it is a lot of work
and takes daily dedication. I’ve maintained my weight within a few pounds
for the past 2 years. Then January 2016 rolled around and like most of us we
start to examine our lives. I knew I wasn’t exercising enough and without
proper and consistent exercise I might not remain healthy, I
lacked motivation. I had the $9.99 a month gym membership where there
were plenty of treadmills, fitness equipment, dumbbells, let’s
not forget pizza and bagels that, which I don’t understand. The fitness
equipment I knew nothing about and was too intimidated to go
near. That lack of knowledge, discipline and honestly
courage pushed me to look at alternative exercise
options. I knew I needed the help of a professional personal trainer.
That search ended very quickly when I came across Individual Finesses website.
Everything I read on there, gave me the courage to pay them a visit. Of
course I drove in and out of the parking lot the first time but the very
next day I parked and went up those stairs. From the moment I
walked in I knew I was in the right place. Jim greeted me as if
we were old friends. He fully explained the program the philosophy, yes,
the cost or as I see it the investment in me.  I have been
working with John for 5 months and I have received everything I had hoped
for and told I would get. I’d like to end by saying the whole team is
incredibly supportive, encouraging, and friendly. I am one of Individual
Fitness client of the month and honored to have been recognized. Thank you

Philip Burt

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