June 2015 – Nicole Settipane

I began training with the Individual Fitness family sometime around 2010. Fitness has always been important to me so it only made sense to work with a personal trainer to bring my fitness to the next level. I began working with John; he listened to my goals and tailored sessions to my needs as well as to my schedule. I was able to train consistently for quite a while; I worked in Concord which made it easy to stop in for a training session on my way to work however life started happening making it difficult to keep up with training. In 2012 I left my full time position and began the MSW program at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. I then picked up a per diem position and found that my fitness activities were starting to take a backseat to school. In addition to the graduate program and employment changes I broke one of my toes during a sparring session in kickboxing requiring time off and then later began planning a summer wedding. With all of these events happening around the same time it was becoming more and more of a struggle to keep up with training. I often felt the effects of inconsistent training sessions missed workouts and sporadic runs. I was tired, unmotivated and stressed out but I kept with it knowing that at some point my schedule would balance out and my workouts would no longer feel like another research assignment. I continually had to readjust my training schedule and take time off, often for weeks at a time. John was always willing to work around my schedule reminding me that each session no matter how small was vital to keeping me moving. John was always ready with a pep talk and pushed me to what he knew I was capable of. He would always remind me that no matter how much time I spent during the week exercising whether it was 30 minutes per week or 3 hours a day, training was keeping me motivated and demonstrated dedication and determination. There were times when it would have been much easier to just stop; I had all the excuses right there waiting to be used but it was my trainer and training at Individual Fitness that kept me positive, energized and focused in order to make it through some of the most important times of my life.

Nicole Settipane

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