July 2017 Client of the Month – Katelyn Ahern

The smartest, healthiest, and best decision I’ve made in my 31 years of life was becoming a client at IF.  I feel confident about who I am as a person.  My way of thinking has changed and I have Individual Fitness to thank for that.  I learn differently, and my trainer Kelly listens and responds to my needs and ways of learning.  This has made my experience training at IF a positive one full of laughter, conversation, bonding, and tons of new exercises to try.


When I first became a client, I could barely to one push up. Now, I can do pushups and I can do 50 sit ups.  I struggle with serious digestive issues, and IF has helped me change my diet and monitor what I eat, which has helped me tremendously.  It’s seldom that my stomach bothers me at all anymore.

Anytime I start to think I can’t do this, I remove that way of thinking with, I can do this! Or you got this!


Thank You Individual Fitness for all that you do to help me along my fitness journey, and to continue to grow and improve on a daily basis!


~Katelyn Ahern




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