IF Manchester’s 8 Ways You’re Progressing That Aren’t Weight Loss:

IF Manchester's 8 Ways You’re Progressing That Aren’t Weight Loss:
Look – We know it’s easy to get stuck on the scale when you want to change your body. You are not alone, who hasn’t been guilty of this?


But today we wanted to share some other ways you can check in with yourself to see you’re making progress…even if the number on the scale hasn’t changed.


Check out our 8 ways you’re progressing that aren’t weight loss:

1.     You feel a noticeable difference in your energy (for the better!)
2.     Your clothes are fitting looser and you feel more confident in them
3.     You check your essential measurements (waist, hips, thighs) and they’re smaller – even if the scale is the same
4.     You have an easier time with daily activities like walking up the stairs
5.     You’re able to maintain a weight lower than your previous weight
6.     You find it easier to make good nutrition choices
7.     Exercise feels more like a routine than a chore
8.     You feel stronger


So, there you have it!


If you get stuck simply on the number on the scale, you’ll find yourself frustrated often.

Instead, we encourage you to diversify how you qualify success because at the end of the day, weight is simply one measure.


If you’re ready to make some changes and keep pushing toward your goals in a whole new way, contact us today!


We’ve got your back!


Committed to your Fitness,


Jim & John

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