Client of the Month October 2019 – Matt Clifton

Client of the Month October 2019 - Matt Clifton

I just finished up a vacation over the fourth of July week at the beach. I realized that I just wasn’t feeling as great as I used too and that I was not as active as I wanted to be. I did some research on small gyms or personal training in the area but most options did not look appealing or did not have the best reviews or location for me. When I started looking at the IF website and reading the reviews. I knew that I wanted to reach out and check out the place. A couple days before coming in I did receive the email for the summer sizzler which was an awesome deal and that’s


Since I have joined IF back in July, I have lost a total of 27 Pounds in 2 and a half months. I have about 2-3 weeks left of my program here and my goal is to hit 35 pounds total weight loss. I have lost a number of inches from all areas of my body but the most noticeable to me is my waist line as most of my clothes don’t fit anymore. I have also lost almost 5 percent of body fat which is excellent because I feel more-lean and light every day I wake up.


Since joining IF I have also noticed that I am getting stronger, I have more energy, and I am able to do more throughout the day and not feel uncomfortable in my own clothes or skin. The workouts are awesome and I have enjoyed seeing my progress overtime.


What I like most about the program is that every day is something different. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I have been doing different kinds of circuits which I have been really enjoying. They really work the full body and I have been seeing great results from these workouts. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sometimes Sunday I have been doing all different forms of Cardio and I have really enjoyed trying different ways to get my heart rate raised. Jim and John, who have mostly been my trainers throughout my time here are fantastic. They both are energetic, always ready to go even if it is 5 AM. I also look forward to coming here in the morning as it always adds a great start to my work day.


  I also enjoy the Nutrition aspect of the program. I have found that eating healthy is actually not that hard once you start making a routine or schedule. I have found a lot of healthy alternatives to things I used to eat. A couple examples are Cauliflower pizza instead of regular pizza, Black bean burgers instead of Bacon Burgers, Egg white omelets with spinach instead of a meat lover’s omelet. These are just a couple ideas but overall my nutrition has improved a lot since starting this program.


If anyone is considering Individual Fitness, I would first tell them to come on in and checkout the place. There is great workout equipment here, nice people, great showers and bathrooms that are clean and only for one person at a time. Jim, John and the other trainers are always motivated to work with you and make sure you leave happy every day. They have fantastic smoothies and other supplements you can take advantage of purchasing there.


I think one thing that really motivated me to start the program is that once you start something like this you will slowly start to see all the people that are happy and proud of what your accomplishing. People start to see changes in your face, in your eating, in your moods etc..I think that there is nothing more motivating than showing your Wife, Husband or any other family member your progress and them being proud of you. If you are nervous about the commitment or worried about the nutrition aspect I can assure you that after a couple weeks you will start to not worry about what you are going to eat or if you are going to be able to keep up with the workouts because it will all start to become a routine and a lifestyle.


Over the past couple of months, I have been a client here I have been more motivated than ever to look better and feel better. I think at this point in my life even at only 24 years of age this was one of my better decisions to start working out here and become part of this program. It has made my life better and I hope it does the same for others!


      Matt Clifton

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