Client of the Month February 2016-Betty Hoadley

Betty Hoadley

Two years ago I had two serious falls.  My first fall involved tumbling about 6 feet off of a retaining wall onto a paved driveway.  Although I had no broken bones I did injure my knee, ankle, shoulder and neck.   About a month later, after a storm, I was in my back yard, pulling down a tree branch that had broken. The branch was much larger than I expected and it fell on top of me. I injured my shoulder and neck again.   I went through months of physical therapy and I even visited a chiropractor.  I did improve some but nothing really seemed to work.  I was gaining weight and had issues dressing myself.  I couldn’t easily turn side to side in the car to look for oncoming cars. 

One day about 3 or 4 months ago, I was getting my dry cleaning from Cleary’s.  I saw the sign for IF and I just walked in.  I was so fed up with being overweight and having to buy “fat” clothes just to have clothes that fit properly.   I talked with Jim and I signed up.  I haven’t regretted it.  I have lost 11 pounds and 5% of my body fat.  I know this isn’t a huge amount, but my biggest improvement is not the physical changes in my body shape, but rather my improved range of motion.

My shoulder and neck have completely recovered from the accident.  My knee is 80% better and my ankle is 100 % better. I know it’s from the personal attention given to me by John my trainer.  He is very understanding and when a workout is hurting or not going well he quickly readjusts the workout.  I feel like I’m important and not just a body in a class of many.  I’m not an athletic person so working out is sometimes a chore for me.  I now look forward to going to workout.  

Betty Hoadley 

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