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client success - christine

Hi, my name is Christine. I am 54 years old. I’ve been a member of the IF family now since March. I had struggled with weight gain in the last 5 years and nothing I had tried to turn things around had been working. A close friend of mine had started with IF 7 months earlier and had great results! I was so jealous of his success that I had to come to check it out!

I started having children in my thirties and put on a significant amount of weight with each pregnancy. After my third child at almost 40 yrs old, I was able to lose the excess weight and get back to a normal size. Then menopause hit me. I started putting on a little weight each year of my late 40’s, early 50’s. Until I got to a weight of 164 lbs, my heaviest weight yet.

Exercise has always been a part of my life. I did cardio exercise 3-4 times a week. When I started to put on the weight, I increased the frequency of how often I would work out, but I continued to put on weight. I got so discouraged. I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer, but I still had no significant improvement. I started to think this is just how my body is now. Along with the unwanted weight increase, I developed annoying health conditions; insomnia, restless leg, joint aches, and pains. Simple physical tasks were getting to be challenging like getting up off the floor or getting out of the car. I felt I was getting old before my time!


Shortly after joining IF I started to FEEL better. I felt stronger and had more energy. I didn’t see a ton of weight loss, but my clothes felt looser and general movement was just easier. It gave me the motivation to keep going….I was so hopeful that this could be the start to me actually achieving my physical goals. I wanted to lose the weight, but mostly I wanted to FEEL healthier.


Weight started to come off. I started to notice I was sleeping better first. I had more endurance throughout the day. My restless leg symptoms began to disappear. I struggled with hip pain for years, and suddenly that was better too! I didn’t need the ibuprofen I was taking every night to get through the pain! I can’t begin to tell you what a relief that was!


The biggest improvement was my ability to MOVE my body!! The struggles I was starting to have getting up off the floor, getting out of the car, bending down to pick up objects off the floor… all started to disappear. I felt like my old self again!


I love the individual attention I get from my trainer when I’m at the gym for my trainings. I have worked with trainers at other facilities in the past, but nothing compares to what I get at Individual Fitness! My workouts are developed to address my individual goals. If I have hip or back issues, there is a Hips & Glutes stretch and workout in my program to address that! After one week of those exercises, I felt like I had a new body!


I especially love the IF app I was given with all my individual workouts. It keeps me on track everyday, even when I’m not at the gym! It has all the workouts in my program there in video ready to guide me through the workouts at home. When I’m finished, I can track my achievements against my goals and see what I’ve accomplished. It is a terrific motivator and keeps me moving in the right direction!


To someone was on the fence about joining IF, I would say just look at all the success stories with their clientele! I was on the verge of literally giving up, but IF taught me how to workout smarter to get my results. I am so much stronger and healthier today then I was 6 months ago! I am down 23 lbs now, and just 3 lbs to go before I am the weight I was before kids. But the ultimate achievement is the STRENGTH I was able to gain and the annoying health conditions I was able to eliminate. How could you pass up that kind of opportunity!!

I had a goal when I started this program. I had this favorite dress I used to wear on vacations I went on with my husband before we had kids. After 20 years, and many size changes during that time, I couldn’t part with this dress and the hope that someday I could wear it again. Well, this summer I was able to do just that! I wore it to my cousin’s wedding and felt like my old self again! I can’t thank IF enough for giving me all the tools I needed to reach my goals! If I can do it, anybody can!

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