Client of the Month August 2017 – Chuck Douglas

Why I Go to Individual Fitness

A Testimonial from Chuck Douglas


With age comes an increasing lack of agility and mobility as well as a loss of muscle strength.  Several years ago I realized I was not doing any regular exercise and that when I did try to do things in our basement gym it was sporadic and without any understanding of muscle groups or what might be proper exercise.  Also, for 30 years I’ve had a low back problem going back to an incident when I was kicked by a horse in my childhood.  For years when my back went out visits to the chiropractor were frequent.  Since coming to Individual Fitness several years ago I rarely see my chiropractor because the staff has strengthened my back and muscle groups that support the back.  I don’t have exercises that hurt that particular part of my body although they do exercise it.  I’ve been able to maintain much better agility and balance as well as to stay in shape as my body ages.  At 74 I intend to be here for many more years and appreciate their ability to make me do what I don’t want to do if I were not in regular attendance here at IF.  I was never particularly athletic but to now use muscles and maintain strength is very important to hold off the ravages of age.

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