Client of the Month August 2016 – Chris Wilke

I’ve been an
Individual Fitness client for a year now, and it’s turned out to have been a
great decision.

I’ve really
seen results from their way of training and conditioning.  In this one short year I’ve seen my body fat
percentage drop by 2%, my 3 Minute step test BPM improve by 20%, and my push up
and sit up tests improve significantly. 
I’m healthie, stronger, and in much better shape due to Individual
Fitness and my scheduled training sessions.

I have
really come to appreciate the benefits of having a dedicated training team that
coaches you through the different work outs, keeps track of your progress, and
adds the scheduled discipline needed to succeed.

otherwise very busy with family and a 100 Hour work week, the flexibility of
the Individual Fitness staff has allowed me to almost always make my two
training sessions a week.

Individual Fitness staff has also worked with me to personalize a workout
routine that takes into account prior shoulder and hand injuries and has really
allowed me to go beyond by prior physical therapy to condition those
areas.  That conditioning has led to
those areas being stronger, pain free, and reduce the chance of repeat injury.

Fitness also promotes the more comprehensive fitness plan a person needs to
succeed in their fitness goals, going beyond the training sessions, to
encouraging good nutrition, training discipline, and overall attitude.

For all
those reasons, I’m happy to have started and stayed with Individual Fitness to
meet my fitness goals.

~Chris W.

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