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Personal Training near Concord

     I wanted to lose weight and was having a real hard time because of my work schedule at the DOC, and because of sleep. I also had to learn how to control my exercise anorexia when working out and eating. I have lost 10 lbs., and my resting heartrate after working out went from 120 beats per minute down to 70 beats per minute. My BMI went down to 28% from 30%. I am doing 29 sit-ups in a minute and 25 full-body pushups in a minute. My exercise anorexia is under control and I only weigh myself once a week.

      I love circuit training, and it has given me exercises I can do at home. Tyler has been great modifying my program to help with training for a 5k race, trial runs, 5 milers, Tough Mudders, or even to help me train for the Spartan.

      If you are on the fence about coming to IF, you should definitely join. It’s become a family and everyone wants to help each other. I have gotten advice from other patrons at IF and from John and Tyler.


Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training near Concord

I decided to join IF after looking at several other gyms in the area. I wanted a trainer to develop workouts designed with my goals in mind. I also wanted the ability to schedule a workout time that fit my schedule, not a once-a-day class time that didn’t accommodate my life.

I had a sports-related injury to my leg about a year before joining IF. I had lost all strength in my quad, which meant my leg would give out on me during certain activities. Although I had gone through physical therapy and stayed active, my right leg was noticeably weaker than my left. I addressed this injury with John at the beginning of our sessions and he created a routine that isolated the right leg, forcing it to work alone and get stronger. I feel so much more confident in my leg strength now that I hardly notice a difference between the two legs.

I think I have worked out with each of the trainers in Concord at least once, but John and Marcus are my main trainers. Every one of the trainers is knowledgeable in their field. They are also great with demonstrating new exercises, then correcting me when my form is slipping. This lets me know they are watching me and trying to make sure I get the most out of my workout. I like how they will say “that looked easy, let’s add more weight”. I know it’s going to be more work, but I feel accomplished when I’m done. I also like how they have gently pushed me to up my cardio game. When I started at IF I did very little consistent cardio, and now I try to get in 3-4 days a week, either at the gym or walking/running around my neighborhood.

If you are on the fence about joining, I would say come in and try it. I think you will like the individualized attention and the commitment that the trainers give to your fitness journey. I think it appeals to the gym newbie as well as the more seasoned athlete. Whatever you are looking for, IF has it.


July Client of the Month

Beth T.

Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH

John asked me if I'd consider writing something as client of the month. My first thought was why me? Well, I've been part of the IF family now for over two years no and I'm certainly no poster child but, I have to say how I started out and where I am now, things have changed considerably. My initial motivation for joining was prompted by the orthopedic surgeon’s message that if I didn't lose weight and strengthen my legs that I would need new knees sooner than I wanted. Today my overall health is better. I am taking less medications and I haven't had to go back and get injections for my knees and overall pain is much less. Education in proper nutrition continues to be helpful and I have a much better understanding of achievable fitness goals than any point in my life.

Looking forward to retirement I continue to work at being in the best possible shape in order to do some of the things I only dreamed of doing. New goals, experiences and outlooks in life are possible with the help of the Individual Fitness Team. Recently I have booked a vacation for next September. A seven- day rafting / hiking trip down the Colorado River, 270 miles through the Grand Canyon lead by a Hopi Indian Archaeologist. Thanks’ IF!

December Client of the Month

Chris Flynn

Personal Training near Concord

After decades of neglecting my own health and working in a relatively sedentary professional position, I found myself entering retirement with Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  I was taking medications for each of these conditions.  Not a pretty picture.  It was time to follow my doctor’s recommendation to exercise and lose weight.

The results have been fantastic.  My A1-C (a measure of blood sugar) has dropped from over 8 to 5.8.  My overall cholesterol has fallen from 220 to 180, and my triglycerides have plummeted from 390 to 190.  In addition, I have lost more than 15 pounds.  The results are proven in the numbers.

I look forward to my sessions at Individual Fitness.  It is NOT “boot camp”.  The workouts are individually designed and follow a thoughtful progression.  I love the variety.  For instance, I have done more than 10 different exercises just for the biceps.  My trainer, Elise, and the entire staff are always friendly, helpful and encouraging. 

In addition to the exercise part of my program, there is also a nutritional side.  I would strongly recommend Individual Fitness to anyone who wants to start living or get back to a healthy lifestyle. 

Ed S.

Personal Training Manchester NH

Marilyn P.

Personal Training Manchester NH

I decided to join Individual Fitness because I started to really hate how I looked in photos. And I noticed my pants size kept creeping up…I knew it was time.

Since starting my program here at IF I am down 3 pant sizes! My energy level has skyrocketed!

Jennifer and I were really lucky to have had 2 amazing trainers at IF, Elise & Morgan! They both have pushed us until we felt like we were going to puke! Believe it or not, I love that! That’s how we have results.

If you are on the fence about joining IF…just do it!! And be patient, results don’t happen overnight, but I PROMISE if you stay as dedicated to your plan as your trainer is, the results will come!

~Chelsea Moores

I decided to join Individual Fitness as I needed to lose weight for my health but lacked the knowledge and motivation to start a program without professional guidance. Since joining IF I feel healthier and stronger through my weight loss results and gained endurance!

What I like most about IF is it’s a warm and friendly atmosphere with a healthy dose of humor. The trainers are always available for any questions or concerns and will work with you to adjust your routine as needed and will also respectively kick your ass as needed!

If you are on the fence about joining IF you can only sit on a fence for so long before it becomes unbearably uncomfortable. Dig deep and do it!

~Jennifer Strong

November Client of the Month

Jennifer Strong & Chelsea Moores

Personal Training Manchester NH

John B's Testimonial

Personal Training Manchester NH

Holly M's Testimonial

Personal Training Manchester NH

I decided to start a program here at IF because I am a previous client that had good results. My heart condition worsened and I could not workout. After surgery in January and cardiac rehab it made sense to come back to IF to strengthen my heart and conditioning. Plus, Jim and John encouraged me to come back.

Since re-joining a program here at IF I have increased stamina and achieved weight loss.

What I like most about my program here at IF is the personal approach and understanding of how my medical conditions limit me and require adjustments. The trainers are all professional and push me to achieve obtainable results.

If you are on the fence about joining Individual Fitness I would encourage you that your health is worth the investment of time and money.

(Special Thank You to my trainer Kaitlynn!)

October Client of the Month

Tim Murray

Personal Training Manchester NH

I decided to join Individual Fitness due to a shoulder and hand injury.  I became somewhat sedentary, which resulted in weight gain that made me unhappy.  I wanted “me” back.  I had to make a change.

Since joining IF I have lost 25lbs, and gained increased stamina.  I feel terrific!

What I like most about my program here at IF is that I am very happy to come to the gym and have someone tell me what to do.  To make sure my form is going to give me optimum benefit.  If I was to choose, I would leave out the “hard” exercises.

If you are ready to make a change in your life, JUST DO IT! IF is a very supportive environment and I highly recommend them.

September 2018 Client of the Month

Margie Pierson

Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH

Carol Burnett

Personal Training Manchester NH

I decided to start a program here at IF because I came to the realization this year that I wasn’t getting any younger and now was the time to take responsibility for my health and fitness. I have never been happy with my weight or my athletic ability and have tried and failed to lose weight and get healthy in the past. Because of my past failed experiences of going at it alone, I knew it was time to get the help of a professional and I am so grateful that I found IF.

I have lost 24 pounds in the 4 ½ months I have been coming to Individual Fitness. What means more to me than the number on the scale is how much my strength and stamina have increased in this short amount of time. I have never been a runner and I can now run multiple miles back to back. I can’t wait to see how much more I will achieve and I plan on running my first 5k later this year.

I like that my trainer believes in me and pushes me each and every workout. The trainers at IF continuously challenge me with new routines and exercises to keep my workouts interesting.

To someone on the fence about joining IF, I say, take the plunge. Give it your all and commit to giving the team at IF a year of your life and you will be amazed at how much you can achieve!

Maddie Northcutt

Personal Training Manchester NH

I decided to join IF again after I went to my doctor for my yearly physical.  When he assessed my height vs. weight he checked off that I was obese.  That was it! I knew it was time to get back into IF and the Olson brothers!

Since September I have lost 30lbs with my exercise and watching what I eat.

The entire team at IF is very accommodating with schedule changes due to my busy work schedule.  Positive attitudes are contagious at IF from both the staff and other client’s. 

If you are on the fence about what direction to go with your fitness, join IF…do it! You will NOT regret it!

June 2018 Client of the Month

Bill Smethurst

Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH

What made me decide on Individual Fitness…I had been working out on a regular basis for a couple years, and didn't see any change in my physique.  My wife suggested I see a professional to show me how to use that same workout time more wisely.  So, I chose Individual Fitness.

In three months, I lost 22 pounds and look totally different.  I tell my (college age) children Dad is ripped, but they think I am kidding.  Wait until summer!   I played three sports in high school, but I weigh less and look better now than I did when I graduated 40 years ago.

What I like best about IF, is not having to think.  John tells me what to do and what to eat and I do it. 

I would tell anyone to just go for it!  If you follow the program, you will get the results you seek.

I would like to thank you and Jim and John again for showing me how to make this happen.   I'm having a blast, and greatly appreciate what you have done.

Paul Alfano

Personal Training Manchester NH

I am blown away at my accomplishment that I have achieved in the last 6 months!! Is this really me???? You can do this too if you want to make a change in your life.. Individual Fitness helped me gain my self confidence back and the courage to strive for more!! Thank you Jim OlsonJohn OlsonKelly Hopler, and my personal trainer Michael Roscoe!!!!! And Kate Wiren for my yummy protein drinks!!! See you all soon.  you all and I couldn't have done it without you!!   

Deb Sprague Speads The Love

Personal Training Manchester NH

My wife Mary joined IF prior to me joining to improve her physique, health, and successfully train for a half-marathon without injury.  Her results were very impressive. At that time, I have been working out on my own including completing several half-marathons and a single full marathon.  Although I was able to accomplish these goals I was still not achieving the physique I wanted and began to experience injury including IT Band issues and lower back issues.  A few weeks before my family and I were heading to Disney World to participate in the Dark Side Running Challenge, I strained my lower back.  I could not stand up straight or lay down comfortably.  I thought there was no way I could run.  I went to a physical therapy for evaluation and treatment.  I learned that my core was practically nonexistent despite all my training and exercise.  I knew it was time to engage in a fitness and health routine to prevent this from happening.  Given my wife’s success, I joined IF and successfully completed the Disney race.

Since joining IF I have gotten much stronger and faster, completing several half-marathons and the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C. with a new P.R.  I have more energy and feel and look better than I did in my 20s.

I work out with Jim at 6AM before work.  The routines are never “routine.”  They are really engaging, personalized, and challenging.  I feel like I getter a better workout in those 30 minutes than I had in 1hour long workouts in the past. 

I would tell any prospective client the hardest part about this process was taking the step in joining.  Once a member of IF your goals become your trainer’s goals.  The staff is so friendly and supportive.  The atmosphere at the gym is very welcoming and not judgmental in any way.

Todd Noce 

Todd Noce

Personal Training Manchester NH

When we started at Individual Fitness last fall, we were starting to feel the effects of our age. I’d been working full-time and going to school full-time for three full years, and my busy and sedentary lifestyle was starting to catch up with me. Eric has a horrible family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and bad cholesterol. And SURPRISE! Our son had just informed us that we were about to have our first grandchild. It was time to start thinking about getting and staying healthier if we wanted to be around to play with our grandchildren.

We both thought it might be nice to lose a few pounds and improve our cardiovascular health. Eric wanted to lower his blood pressure, and I wanted to learn how to eat real food in a healthy manner.

Fast forward eleven months to today, and we’re both feeling more confident in the way we look. I even retired most pairs of my longer “old lady shorts” this summer in favor of shorter, more stylish versions. Eric’s catching himself admiring his arms in windows and mirrors that he walks by.  We’ve reduced fat, built muscle, and improved our cardiovascular health.

Early on, I noticed that shoveling our decks was suddenly easier. I went from thinking I had no interest in running to running my first 5k. In our assessment tonight, Eric discovered he’d lost nearly 20 pounds and reduced his body fat percentage from 24% to 18.2%! I’ve increased the number of pushups I can do from a measly 9 to an impressive 25.

Making a commitment to be at Individual Fitness twice a week for training has made all the difference. We thought we were in decent shape a year ago, but now we truly know we are!

Thank you, Jim and John, for building a program that works. Thank you, Mike, for keeping us on our toes by catering workouts that hold our interest and keep us challenged. We can’t wait to see what else the future holds for us!

-Kim and Eric Brewster

Kim and Eric Brewster

Personal Training Manchester NH

I have been part of the IF Family for over seven years.  It is a regular part of my life, helping to keep me healthy both physically and mentally.  All too often we allow the regular routine and demand of work life trump our need for exercise.  Left to my own rhythms I would forego the need for a balanced exercise regime.

As I got older – after 40 years of running – I knew that I needed to literally rebalance my workouts with weights and balancing exercises.  Through John and Erick I have found coaches who move me forward injury free.  Living life produces stresses and IF allows me a quiet time and place where I can just focus on myself, free of others.  It has been good for my head as well my body.  Thanks!

Steve Gordon

Personal Training Manchester NH

The smartest, healthiest, and best decision I’ve made in my 31 years of life was becoming a client at IF.  I feel confident about who I am as a person.  My way of thinking has changed and I have Individual Fitness to thank for that.  I learn differently, and my trainer Kelly listens and responds to my needs and ways of learning.  This has made my experience training at IF a positive one full of laughter, conversation, bonding, and tons of new exercises to try.

When I first became a client, I could barely to one push up. Now, I can do pushups and I can do 50 sit ups.  I struggle with serious digestive issues, and IF has helped me change my diet and monitor what I eat, which has helped me tremendously.  It’s seldom that my stomach bothers me at all anymore.

Anytime I start to think I can’t do this, I remove that way of thinking with, I can do this! Or you got this!

Thank You Individual Fitness for all that you do to help me along my fitness journey, and to continue to grow and improve on a daily basis!

Katelyn Ahern

Personal Training Manchester NH

In March, I contacted IF to start a weight training plan. I knew I needed weight bearing exercise and I would follow through if I had a schedule and someone to put me through the paces. Jim convinced me to start right away despite my busy spring schedule. I’m so glad I did. The strength and endurance I gained training at IF made a big difference this year with my goal to complete my second 10 mile swim event. My swim partner had to stop swimming in early June so my swim training took a hit. I put in less time in the lake but was putting in time strength training and cardio on the elliptical. The team at IF tailored my workouts to what I needed for my shoulders, endurance and stretching exercises days before my event. The increased core and shoulder/arm strength carried me the hour over any training swim I’d completed this summer.

I look forward to setting new goals (I’m only planning to swim 5 miles next) and reaching them with IF.

-Terri Peck

Terri Peck

Personal Training Manchester NH

I decided that I wanted to join IF after I had lost 122lbs. With almost 2 years of little physical activity, my change of residence and eating habits, made me gain 13lbs and lose muscle mass. I had to do something to regain my physical and mental health.

One morning browsing through Facebook I found an IF video. I liked the idea of a personal trainer so I sent my contact information. In less than an hour I had a callback, and in two hours I met the Team.

On my second day at IF I met my trainer Kelly. Her workout routines are fabulous. She challenges me to move forward. The main changes I have seen are the gain in muscle mass, specifically in my arms, which were flaccid. I was able to run, which I had never been able to do. I have more strength and the change in my mood is evident.

What I like most about my program and trainer is the variety of routines. The trainers, like myself, have struggled with weight control and know exactly how you feel during your change process. I like that they develop monthly “challenge” programs. It is fun and motivates everyone.

I fully recommend this IF and their programs because it works! It challenges you and it makes you feel part of IF. It’s a wonderful Team. They motivate you, they are a power of example, and they have great recommendations for your nutrition.

Liz Klassen

Personal Training Manchester NH

I was physically active and fit throughout my 20s and 30s.  I hiked, ran, cycled, played squash, and cross country skied.  The demands of work and family, along with a slowing metabolism, took their toll in my 40s.  I spent less time outdoors and more time at my desk, in the car, and on the couch.  By the winter of 2016-17, I felt out of shape, uncomfortable in my clothes, and I was in pain.  My back hurt constantly.  I couldn’t sit cross-legged because of the tightness in my back and hips.  I was at a client meeting one day when I saw a sign advertising another personal trainer in Concord.  I thought about walking in directly from my client meeting and saying “help me.”  Thankfully, I did my research, and realized that IF would be a better place for me to train.  I said “help me” to John & Jim, and it was the best decision I’ve made in years.

I am pain free.  My back doesn’t hurt, my shoulders don’t hurt, my right leg doesn’t hurt, and I can sit cross legged.  I sprained my ankle badly in the early summer and with John’s help, I didn’t miss a single workout because of it.  The ankle is stronger now than it was before I sprained it.  I’ve taken up mountain climbing again, with my energetic 13-year-old, and with my brother, an Ironman triathlete.  I am strong.  I ran three miles on Christmas Day.  During the arctic cold of the Christmas week, I did a four-mile hike on the trails at Oak Hill in East Concord, and was comfortable doing it.  I have more energy, and I am better equipped to manage the strains and stressed of daily life. There’s always more to achieve, but I’m confident in my strength and my fitness.  It’s night and day from where I was a year ago.

I feel challenged and supported, never judged or criticized.  I love the positive attitude and atmosphere at IF.  I look forward to coming in.  If I miss a workout, I don’t panic.  I know John, Jim, and the rest of the IF crew have my back.  My strength training workouts are thoughtful and personalized to move me closer to my fitness goals without injury.  After years of trying to design my own fitness program, and failing to meet my goals, all I do now is put myself in the capable hands of John and the IF trainers.

There are countless magazines and articles that bombard us with the message that a regular fitness and exercise program can change our lives.  Who doesn’t want to be stronger, fitter, have more energy, sleep better, manage stress better, and control weight?  But most of us don’t have that experience, even when we try.  Our self-designed exercise program is ill-suited to our fitness goals.  We start a program and stop when it becomes boring, or too difficult.  We injure ourselves, or we don’t get the results we hope to achieve.

IF delivers the life-changing experience.  You will be stronger, fitter, have more energy, sleep better, manage stress, and control your weight, with IF in your corner.  And you’ll have some fun getting there.  How could you possibly be on the fence?


Tracey Cote

Personal Training Manchester NH

I have been a member of several gyms in the Concord area and additionally have worked with a handful of different trainers. After Core Fitness closed I was in search of a new home. I found IF advertised in the Chamber of Commerce flyer and what got my attention was the individual training. I am an executive that works 12 to 14 hours per day. I need a regimented fitness program to keep me healthy and focused. I do not have the time to prepare workouts. It is also difficult based on my hours to find a workout buddy for motivation which I have done in the past.

I joined the IF club in September of 2017 and I could not be happier. The atmosphere is positive, the trainers are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I am so excited for gym day. The workouts are always different and never are you not challenged to perform. They document your eating habits and for the first time in all my years of working out I was told exactly how much protein I should be eating daily.

This team is truly the whole package for health, fitness and life building skills. I recently had my physical and my doctor was very impressed with my blood pressure and my rested heart rate. It is clearly a result of the guidance of this team and my dedication to a health and fitness program designed by IF for me. I would strongly urge anyone thinking of a change to try the IF program out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you put the effort into to following the program.

One Happy IF Member!

Steve Brown

Personal Training Manchester NH

I arrived at individual fitness's doorstep at retirement age, having had knee surgery 10 months prior. After 2 1/2 months of physical therapy and a couple of series of Cortisone injections my surgeon said that's all we can do for you now, you have to strengthen your legs and your knees or you could be looking at a replacement sooner than you want. 

So that is how my journey began.  I thought I was in better shape than I actually was, only to realize how much work I had to do.  I am grateful to the IF team and my trainer John who is always there to help guide, encourage, and motivate me to "just do" that last one exercise. 
Through nutritional counseling, learning to look at the content of what I was eating, cardio exercise that they prescribe me, and weight training, I've surpassed my initial expectations and close to reaching my goals. Thank you John and all the wonderful staff at individual fitness.

Chris Flynn

Personal Training Manchester NH

Joining IF was a new thing for me. I was new to the idea of joining a place like this, but I knew I needed to start somewhere.

Jim and John and the rest of the staff have made me feel comfortable and welcome, as well as the other members.

I have worked hard since the middle of January and have lost a lot of weight, and gained a lot of strength. My first appointment I couldn't do a single push-up. Now I can do 3 sets of ten. That is a huge step for me.  I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring.


Personal Training Manchester NH

My Husband, Brandon gave me the most valuable Christmas gift this past year that he will ever give me. And…he did not realize it at the time. The gift was my 2 week trial ay Individual Fitness. It has changed my life. Twenty-one pounds lighter, thirteen inches lost, smarter food choices, and without saying, the gifts that Jim gives me every Tuesday and Thursday. We have a saying, “Every session is like Christmas. He gives so I can lose”. I first met Jim at the end of January and because of vacations and conventions already planned, I didn’t really buckle down until the first of April.

I have always exercised but in the last two to three years I was making excuses for the pounds and inches creeping up on me. I would tell myself I looked good for being “50” something and my pants still fit. Well…fit but very snug. Thanks to Jim and Individual Fitness I now have a whole new wardrobe without going shopping. I can wear anything in my closet and everything is actually loose or too big. Great story- Twelve years ago I had jaw surgery and lost 18lbs while I was wired shut. I had a favorite pair of Gap Carpenter Jeans and after 5-6 months they no longer fit. No, not too big L . Well for some reason I kept them after 11 ½ years I grabbed them about two weeks ago to go for a walk with my grandson Lucas. Yes, they FIT. My daughter thought that was great but couldn’t understand why I had kept them all of these years. I now know why-to wear them again. J

I thank Jim every day. Without him knowing for giving me workouts that benefit me and helping me see the errors of my ways. He listens to me and that’s how I have achieved the results I have. I mentioned to him about eight weeks ago my concerns with my trouble spots and he changed up my workout routines to help me. (And torture me) Communication is key when working together.

I have to admit I was very nervous about having one on one training when I first received my gift. But now I would not work out any other way. I so enjoy coming to Individual Fitness and enjoy meeting other clients and seeing their results!

To sum up my experience thus far: 21 pounds lost 13 inches gone!! Merry Christmas to me!!!

Katrina Giuda

Personal Training Manchester NH

My journey towards achieving a healthy lifestyle has been a rocky one. I had an unhealthy relationship with food; I was living to eat – enjoying sweets and breads too frequently. Exercise was unthinkable to me. I was focused on going to school, studying for exams, and I didn’t have time – or make time – for exercise. After living this lifestyle for many years, it was the status quo, and I honestly thought I was enjoying life to the fullest.

I finished my schooling, received a graduate degree, and post-graduate residency training and — at the end of all those endless hours of exams, projects, and presentations — I was a bona fide healthcare professional. And I was fat. Obesity is defined as a BMI greater or equal to 30. I definitely exceeded that definition. Even though I should have felt proud and elated that I had reached my purpose in life, I felt that I hadn’t embodied the spirit of being a healthcare professional — someone who promotes a healthy well balanced lifestyle. I was far from an example of that. I felt ashamed.

My turning point happened quite abruptly. One night, my significant other looked me in the eye and said “I’m worried about you.” He expressed his concern about observing me being breathless just climbing up stairs, and the risk of developing diabetes later in life and dying young. His words made a huge impact on me and I knew he was right. With these thoughts in my mind, I promised to him and to myself that I will change.

I started exercising on my own and with my significant other but it was a slow process. I was still making excuses for myself to get out of exercising and soon enough I realized this strategy wasn’t working. So the idea of a personal trainer crossed my mind, but I really worried too much of what other people thought of me when I’m exercising. I did my online research and came across Individual Fitness. The first call was the hardest to make. I called their number and I hung up before anyone could answer. So later that week, I called again, and then I hung up again. Finally after my third attempt, I talked to Jim and agreed to come in.

I wouldn’t say my life drastically changed. It was baby steps. I had three sessions each week and it was tough — but I paid for it, so I would show up for training. Within a few weeks I noticed a change. I enjoyed exercising, and lifting weights was actually fun! It was something that can take your mind off work and make you sweat. My eating habits were a much gradual change. I still felt like I was living to eat. I started tracking the foods that I ate through a phone app which generated nifty charts and graphs of how much protein, carbohydrates and fats I was taking in and also tracked my weight loss. I found this very encouraging.

My lifestyle journey isn’t finished here. I’m still finding my way through this maze but now I feel like I have the resources that I need to not veer off the course. All their trainers at Individual Fitness genuinely want you to find your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. They will give you all the coaching and encouragement you need, but, most importantly, they taught me the value of persistence. Your journey will certainly be different than mine, and it is on you to make your goals happen. For what it’s worth, if you’re reading this, you’re on the right path. 

Donna Oetama

Personal Training Manchester NH

Exercise has been like a roller coaster ride for most of my life. I would have times when I’d be dedicated and committed to it, then life, work and family would require my focus and it seemed like I always had to “start over”. It’s not enjoyable to go through the beginning phases of any exercise routine when you’re out of shape, and I often would overdo it and then dread it.

Weight loss had become unreachable to me. The things that worked before just didn’t work any longer. I tried weight watchers, green smoothies, and even the Medifast plan, with nothing to show for it but a few pounds lost. At almost 62 years old, I was telling myself that this was the way it would be for the rest of my life.

Then one day I stepped on the bathroom scale and realized I needed help. The numbers were constantly going up and my “fat” clothes were tighter than ever. I did some searching online and visited a couple of gyms. Then I found Individual Fitness. From my first visit with Jim I felt more energized and was even excited to start working out again.

Since joining Individual Fitness just a few months ago, I’ve learned to exercise smarter. Being consistent is paying off and my weight is going down by following their guidelines. It feels wonderful to remove slacks from my closet that started hanging off me. I am optimistic that I will reach my goal this year. The work is up to me, but the support I’ve received from the staff here is motivating me to keep going and not give up.

Becky Coble

Personal Training Manchester NH

My early exposure to IF was through two conversations with John, at neighboring establishments. He encouraged me to check out IF. After a year of unexpected displacement in

Pennsylvania, my wife supported my decision to walk through the doors of IF.

For me, younger days of rigorous athletics as a participant were followed by forty years of coaching as a spectator. My weight was increasing; my mobility was decreasing. Two years into retirement, I had hopes of improving my physical health and avoiding a heart attack. Yet, my body was still in crisis.

So last July, I marched into IF and met Jim, a great salesman, by the way. I planned to consider IF after a three week scheduled vacation; Jim quickly had me signed up and beginning the next day.

The IF staff has been tremendous. Each staff member seems to know all the clients and always you are greeted with a smile. The sessions are tailored to the needs and abilities of the client.

IF is a mix of all ages and abilities. Many are in far better shape. My lack of agility and balance still bother me. Yet I am thankful for the thirty pounds down and hope by next summer to reach my goal of fifty pounds. IF is helping me regain my physical health. Goals that were once considered no longer possible are now being planned.

Thank you, IF!

Bob Warde

Personal Training Manchester NH

Two years ago I had two serious falls.  My first fall involved tumbling about 6 feet off of a retaining wall onto a paved driveway.  Although I had no broken bones I did injure my knee, ankle, shoulder and neck.   About a month later, after a storm, I was in my back yard, pulling down a tree branch that had broken. The branch was much larger than I expected and it fell on top of me. I injured my shoulder and neck again.   I went through months of physical therapy and I even visited a chiropractor.  I did improve some but nothing really seemed to work.  I was gaining weight and had issues dressing myself.  I couldn’t easily turn side to side in the car to look for oncoming cars. 

One day about 3 or 4 months ago, I was getting my dry cleaning from Cleary’s.  I saw the sign for IF and I just walked in.  I was so fed up with being overweight and having to buy “fat” clothes just to have clothes that fit properly.   I talked with Jim and I signed up.  I haven’t regretted it.  I have lost 11 pounds and 5% of my body fat.  I know this isn’t a huge amount, but my biggest improvement is not the physical changes in my body shape, but rather my improved range of motion.

My shoulder and neck have completely recovered from the accident.  My knee is 80% better and my ankle is 100 % better. I know it’s from the personal attention given to me by John my trainer.  He is very understanding and when a workout is hurting or not going well he quickly readjusts the workout.  I feel like I’m important and not just a body in a class of many.  I’m not an athletic person so working out is sometimes a chore for me.  I now look forward to going to workout.  

Betty Hoadley

Personal Training Manchester NH

About 2 years ago I stepped into Individual Fitness looking to improve not only my health but to relieve stress from my everyday life and job.  As a business owner I didn’t have much opportunity to get out and work out and it required a lot of sitting at a desk.  I was overweight and had a hard time keeping up with my busy work schedule and running after my son.  It was time for a complete LIFESTYLE change!

I came in with the expectations that maybe I would lose a little weight and that maybe I would at least be a little healthier.  With the help and determination of John and the Individual Fitness Team I lost weight and inches all over through some injuries.  Healthy eating and fitness have now become a large part of my normal day to day life.  Without the help of the whole Individual Fitness Team I would not have exceeded my expectations and reached goals that I never thought were in my reach.

I owe all my thanks to John and the Individual Fitness Team!

Melissa Emery

Personal Training Manchester NH

I am, black coffee only now and no cream and sugar. I am the measure any and all proteins and starch girl. I am the girl who eats pure and raw vegetables and 90 percent of them are all green....I am a gallon a day of water plus. I am not, a sugar filled and empty carbohydrate girl. I am not and do not want to drink or smoke again. I am 100% accountable for committing to changing my life & to the team I get to have beside me, they make me a better me. I am the person that made this choice for myself and I am part of The IF Way! No gimmicks or fad anything! ❤ Jim Olson thank you!

Kelly Merchant

Personal Training Manchester NH

I began working with John and Jim Olson at Individual Fitness about 5 years ago. I had always been physically active, but, with the onset of arthritis in my knees, had really lapsed into inactivity. When I joined IF at age 77, I had no desire to embark on a ‘Charles Atlas’ regimen, but wanted to return to decent physical condition.

I have worked mostly with John and have been extremely satisfied, not only with the results but with his understanding of my needs and capabilities.

I am now 82 years old and able to walk upstairs normally, can get out of my kayak without rolling from the cockpit into shallow water and have an increased level of energy such that I no longer nap during my lunch hour.

I also am aware that I could make even greater progress were it not for business commitments that occasionally preclude my regular attendance, as well as circumstances that make it extremely difficult to adopt the dietary recommendations that are provided. In summary, I have been most pleased with my experience at Individual Fitness, both in terms of the results and the friendly and conscientious guidance of the Olson brothers.

Bob Gile

Personal Training Manchester NH

I began my weight loss journey 3 years ago shortly after being diagnosed with diabetes. I developed diabetes at 249 lbs., not 250 only 249. I opted for gastric sleeve surgery once the Dr. said it can cure diabetes.  I followed all the recommendations as closely as possible. It is no quick fix it is a lot of work and takes daily dedication. I've maintained my weight within a few pounds for the past 2 years. Then January 2016 rolled around and like most of us we start to examine our lives. I knew I wasn't exercising enough and without proper and consistent exercise I might not remain healthy, I lacked motivation. I had the $9.99 a month gym membership where there were plenty of treadmills, fitness equipment, dumbbells, let’s not forget pizza and bagels that, which I don't understand. The fitness equipment I knew nothing about and was too intimidated to go near. That lack of knowledge, discipline and honestly courage pushed me to look at alternative exercise options. I knew I needed the help of a professional personal trainer. That search ended very quickly when I came across Individual Finesses website. Everything I read on there, gave me the courage to pay them a visit. Of course I drove in and out of the parking lot the first time but the very next day I parked and went up those stairs. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in the right place. Jim greeted me as if we were old friends. He fully explained the program the philosophy, yes, the cost or as I see it the investment in me.  I have been working with John for 5 months and I have received everything I had hoped for and told I would get. I'd like to end by saying the whole team is incredibly supportive, encouraging, and friendly. I am one of Individual Fitness client of the month and honored to have been recognized. Thank you IF.  

Philip Burt

Personal Training Manchester NH

Being a wife and mom to 3 kids, keeps me very busy.  Over the years, I let my health and fitness take a bit of a backseat to the needs of my family. 

In 2015, I trained for my first half marathon.  During training, I was plagued by IT band pain and thought I should probably do some strength training.  But I didn’t.

Then, in January of this year, I was out for a short, easy run and tore my plantar fascia.  This left me unable to run for several months.  I knew that now more than ever, it was time to put forth the effort to get stronger. 

I joined IF in March, and I’m so glad that I did.  Upon meeting Jim, I told him I wasn’t living what I thought was my potential.  I knew I could do better at making my health a priority.  Jim, Taylor, and the entire team at IF have helped me to do just that.  Now, 5 months after joining IF, I am stronger than I’ve ever been.  The nutritional counseling has completely changed the way I view food and how to best fuel my body. 

I’m proud of what I have been able to accomplish in these last 5 months, and I’m grateful for the help from everyone along the way.

Mary Noce

Personal Training Manchester NH

I’ve been an Individual Fitness client for a year now, and it’s turned out to have been a great decision.

I’ve really seen results from their way of training and conditioning.  In this one short year I’ve seen my body fat percentage drop by 2%, my 3 Minute step test BPM improve by 20%, and my push up and sit up tests improve significantly.  I’m healthie, stronger, and in much better shape due to Individual Fitness and my scheduled training sessions.

I have really come to appreciate the benefits of having a dedicated training team that coaches you through the different work outs, keeps track of your progress, and adds the scheduled discipline needed to succeed.

Being otherwise very busy with family and a 100 Hour work week, the flexibility of the Individual Fitness staff has allowed me to almost always make my two training sessions a week.

The Individual Fitness staff has also worked with me to personalize a workout routine that takes into account prior shoulder and hand injuries and has really allowed me to go beyond by prior physical therapy to condition those areas.  That conditioning has led to those areas being stronger, pain free, and reduce the chance of repeat injury.

Individual Fitness also promotes the more comprehensive fitness plan a person needs to succeed in their fitness goals, going beyond the training sessions, to encouraging good nutrition, training discipline, and overall attitude.

For all those reasons, I’m happy to have started and stayed with Individual Fitness to meet my fitness goals.

Chris Wilke

Personal Training Manchester NH

I have really enjoyed being part of the IF family. The people that work there are so friendly and helpful, and they all know my name. Even the clients are very friendly! I was very hesitant at first, but really look forward to going there. I have a great trainer- she is focused on me and my needs, and has worked around some injuries that have been challenging. I would recommend IF to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy, no matter what shape you are in, there is no judgement!! Thanks Jim and IF!!!!

Beth Reid

Personal Training Manchester NH

With age comes an increasing lack of agility and mobility as well as a loss of muscle strength.  Several years ago I realized I was not doing any regular exercise and that when I did try to do things in our basement gym it was sporadic and without any understanding of muscle groups or what might be proper exercise.  Also, for 30 years I’ve had a low back problem going back to an incident when I was kicked by a horse in my childhood.  For years when my back went out visits to the chiropractor were frequent.  Since coming to Individual Fitness several years ago I rarely see my chiropractor because the staff has strengthened my back and muscle groups that support the back.  I don’t have exercises that hurt that particular part of my body although they do exercise it.  I’ve been able to maintain much better agility and balance as well as to stay in shape as my body ages.  At 74 I intend to be here for many more years and appreciate their ability to make me do what I don’t want to do if I were not in regular attendance here at IF.  I was never particularly athletic but to now use muscles and maintain strength is very important to hold off the ravages of age.

Chuck Douglas

Personal Training Manchester NH

Krista Marrs

Personal Training Manchester NH

Chris Connors

Personal Training Manchester NH


Personal Training Manchester NH

Ally Goddard

Personal Training Manchester NH

Jim Olson

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Jamie Roy

Personal Training Manchester NH

Testimonial 4

Personal Training Manchester NH

Lost 20 lbs. In 2 months! Thanks Jim & Jon. Looking forward to losing more.

Dustin L.

Personal Training Manchester NH

I’m working out half the time with my trainer Individual Fitness that I used to on my own, and my results are amazing! At 41 years old, this program is turning back the clock for me. It feels great to be strong and comfortable in my body again, and I owe it all to their knowledge and encouragement. IF offers outstanding presonalized programs for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. During my sessions, my trainer is 100% focused on me and my progress. The studio is intimate and full of positive energy, and I always feel energized, fit and happy when I leave. You don’t have to do it on your own, and it doesn’t require countless hours in the gym if you’re working with the trainers at IF. Thank you, Individual Fitness!

Athena H.

Personal Training Manchester NH

As a soon to be non smoker I needed a partner to help me get fit, stay fit, and stay motivated not only to help to stay stopped, but to improve my health. 2-1/2 years later I have by far superseded my goals with all the help from the specialized and customized training! I have reached a point of being so excited about fitness that I have set new goals, and new goals. The dedicated, fun, and reliable team of trainers make exercise fun and obtainable. Thank you Individual Fitness!!!

Chris B.

Personal Training Manchester NH

Jim is Awesome!!!!

Margarita O.

Personal Training Manchester NH

I've been working out at IF for almost a year. The trainers have been incredibly supportive in helping me meet my personal goals. The word "Individual" in the business name is truly representative of the attention you receive as a client - one-on-one specialized programs based on the specific needs each client brings in the door. If knowledgeable trainers who offer support and encouragement are what you need - this is the place to be!

Lynn D.

Personal Training Manchester NH

An overall great experience. All the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and strategic in their individual planning. Glad I have been going for several years and plan to keep going.

Tim M.

Personal Training Manchester NH

I spent the 10 years after I graduated from law school building my career, my family and, unfortunately . . . getting fat. Colleagues at work began to train with Jim and John Olson from IF so I figured I would give it a try. I became a customer, a client and now a friend. I have trained with both Jim and John. I have dropped about 25 pounds. The approach at IF is not just to create a fitness program, but to set a goal and then blend diet and exercise in order to accomplish it. It is easy to recommend IF because they take an interest in their clients. I am truly glad that I gave it a try - I can't imagine a week without my two training sessions.

James R.

Personal Training Manchester NH

I have been training at Individual Fitness for 4 years. The trainers are great, well educated and have a passion for helping their clients reach their goals. My goals were to be able to run a 5k without walking any of it and to decrease the time it took for me to run the distance. Not only have I achieved that goal I decided 2 years ago to try running a 10 miler completed that and then decided if I could do 10 I could do a half marathon which I did last year. I really enjoy my workouts and know that under their guidance I will not injure myself, that's piece of mind for me.

Marilyn N.

Personal Training Manchester NH

I just hit my first year with Individual Fitness! I can't say enough about the people there. . . the staff is amazing (friendly, helpful, encouraging), the clients are also very friendly and encouraging. Being of the "older generation" I have gained so much strength; mental and physical and my energy level is that of a 30 year old! Thank you IF team!!

Marge B.

Personal Training Manchester NH

Quality facility. Great motivating staff, always friendly! Very clean and well organized, perfect place to get back in shape and maintain. They have various programs to fit every age and fitness level. Can't say enough about this place. You will not be disappointed!

Glan S.

Personal Training Manchester NH

Great staff, great program. Can't say enough good things about them.

Michael O.

Personal Training Manchester NH

They're pretty awesome from the top on down to Gavin the fitness fish. I've been training here for a few months and it's becoming more than a habit. This fat guy is getting slimmer and it's due in large part to these folks.

Jess P.

Personal Training Manchester NH

I decided to join Individual Fitness because I wanted to lose weight, and was suffering from constant fatigue and lack of energy.  Since the program at IF began in May 2017 I have lost 34lbs and 18 inches.  My trainer Kelly always designs new workouts that always challenge me to push myself. 

Individual Fitness is a comfortable and happy place to workout in.  So, I encourage anyone to get off that fence and get into IF!! IF has changed my life for the better.  I feel 20 years younger, thank you!


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