Lift Tips

Here’s 2 lifting tips to keep in mind while working with weights:


Knees are a commonly injured area among lifters and athletes of various stripes, so it’s crucial to approach lower-body training with great care. Don’t lock out, and be sure to keep your knees aligned with your toes with each bend you take.

If you catch your knees moving past your toes, your form might be in trouble from either fatigue or the weight being too heavy. Either way, you need to stop and compose yourself before an injury happens. Don’t let your knees collapse during squats or track too far forward during lunges.


To protect your spine and move the most weight possible, focus on keeping your core contracted throughout your workout—especially during big lifts like the squat and deadlift. While some people prefer to train with a lifting belt, it’s not essential for these exercises. Actually, it’s a good idea to strengthen your core without a belt before relying on one.

Happy Lifting!!

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