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6 Healthy Holiday Tips

The holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends, celebrate life, to be grateful, and reflect on what's important. They are also a time to appreciate the gift of health. Here are some holiday tips to support your efforts for a healthy holiday season.

Focus on Fun, Not Food

Most holidays are associated with certain foods. Christmas at your house might not be the same without the green been casserole, but that doesn't mean food has to be the main focus. Instead, throw yourself into the other rituals a holiday brings, whether it's caroling, decorating the tree, or playing games with the family! 

Indulge in only the most special holiday treats.

Skip the store-bought cookies at Christmas, but do save some calories sampling treats that are homemade and special to your family. Training yourself what to indulge in and what to skip is the key. Don't completely deprive yourself on festive days - your willpower will eventually snap, and you'll end up overeating.

Cut down your own Christmas tree.

Rather than buying a tree from a roadside lot where the trees have been drying out for weeks, visit a tree farm that allows you to cut your own. It will be fresher and probably less expensive than they are at the lot. You'll burn off calories and combat some of the blood-sugar effects of the sugar cookie you snuck by traipsing around the grounds in search of just the right tree. And your family will have one more fond holiday memory to look back on.

Pour the gravy and sauces lightly.

You may not be able to control what's being served at a holiday meal, but you can make the turkey, roast beef, and even mashed potatoes and stuffing much healthier by foregoing the sauce or gravy or spooning on just a small amount.

Eat the best-for-you offerings first. 

For example, hot soup as a first course especially when it's broth-based, not cream-based, can help you avoid eating too much during the main course.  Try having raw veggies or nuts while socializing and waiting for the main course to avoid binge eating.

Pop a sugar-free mint in your mouth. 

When you've had enough (and don't want to eat more), the feeling of a fresh palate can curb additional eating and stuffing yourself.

You are one click away from a new healthier you!!

Do you have a gym membership but can't find the motivation to get to the gym?  Accountability is one of the main reasons client's come to us. With the Holiday's upon us, it is a VERY good time of year to get on track to STAY on track.  We have just the program for YOU!!  
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