March 2019 Client of the Month - Rich Roy

Mar 1, 2019

 by Jim Olson


It’s November of 2018 and I am seeing my primary for a yearly physical.  I step on the scale at a whopping 217lbs! My blood pressure is high but manageable, everything else is good for a 51-year old.

With the combination of weight, and blood pressure where it is, I say “That’s it!! I need a change in my life!”

Across the street I see Individual Fitness open, it’s mid-afternoon, I say why the hell not check in and see about joining.  I meet with Elise and we start talking about IF.  Jim arrives shortly afterwards and we set up my consult, and voila! The rest is history so to speak.

It is now February of 2019.  I am down 26lbs, down nearly 2 inches on my waist, and 1.5 inches on my hips.

Elise has been fantastic! She keeps me honest during the work outs “yells” at me if my technique is off. THANK YOU for that ELISE!!

Jim has now taken over my work outs as with Elise, Jim is very passionate and extremely knowledgeable.  Between the two of them, I have grown physically as well as mentally in my progression to be a better me.  We still have a long way to go, but boy I have traveled so far!

I am never afraid to ask for help with the nutritional aspect of the program and good food so I even need help with that.

In closing, if you are willing to put the effort in both the physical and the nutritional aspect of being a “better you” Then this team namely Jim and Elise are here to give you the tools and know how to get you there.

Thank you, Elise & Jim for all the dedication in making a new me!

~Rich Roy